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I’ve always envied artists that choose not to go too far with details and keep their work relatively flat. It takes confidence to make “childish” looking work because you know people will think “my 7 year old can do that” when they see your art. But what’s wrong with making art that looks youthful? Painting this way takes me back in time.

paint to the rhythm of the rain🌨

🦋 Butterflies spend their lives transforming, traveling around the world, and chasing flowers. Yet people zoom in on their faces and call them ugly. Like no, they are beautiful.

when you’ve reached layer 10 of paint and it still looks a bit ehh

cranberry hues in this piece had me thinking of cranberry sauce, then of covering my turkey with it on thanksgiving, and the everlasting feeling of guilt for eating an animal I wouldn’t be able to kill myself. I don’t eat red meat, and try to limit poultry and fish...but like thanksgiving thoughhhhh😓 one day I’ll be strong enough to go vegan.

🍂☕️this weather, is coffee weather☕️🍂

palette knife textures

tried timing myself to get this done in 20 but it turned out to be more like 40🐢

sketching outside in the morning is one of the most calming things to do
foggy cool air, birds chirping on every tree, and a hummingbird approaching my face🕊☺️

pastel palette 🎨

🌞taken for granted is the comforting sensation of the sun on your face in autumn

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