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Allison Laudato  21 | UNLV nursing πŸ’‰

all smiles in 2018 πŸ’«

Big thank you to the nursing hunnies for keeping me sane throughout nursing school ❣️ 4 months until graduation!

Happy 1st birthday to my beautiful goddaughter 🍯❀️ In your first year of life, you’ve seen and done so much already. You’ve traveled to multiple cities, met your favorite Disney characters, discovered your love for Bruno Mars, and developed the mini attitude that we all knew you would get from your mother πŸ˜‰ Iβ€˜m so excited for your next adventures!

always a fun time with these girls 🧑 #whatablurrr

having more free time this semester calls for bottomless mimosas and 6 hour naps after πŸ₯‚

been with this girl since 8th grade when everyone thought we were twins and couldn't tell us apart on the dance team πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ look where we are now!! happy 21st to my best friend ❣️


Happy 22nd birthday to one of my best friends! thanks for being a nursing mentor, a gym partner (sometimes), and the one person I can always go crazy with to YG πŸ˜›

Happy 27th birthday ya old fart! πŸ’˜

Throwing it back to a simpler time when I wasn't tired, wasn't stressed, & wasn't broke lmao πŸ˜…

But I am so very thankful for this man for understanding how busy my schedule has been and for being so patient with me. I was so used to seeing Tristan 6+ times a week but ever since school started, it's been cut down to only 1 day a week and sometimes only talking for 1 hour a day. But I am also very happy we've been working on ourselves and we've both been working on our goals and career. I love you so much and thank you for supporting me throughout everything πŸ’˜

Forever my Kabuki family. Thank you for all the memories I'll miss you all πŸ˜­πŸ’™

perfect way to spend my last few weeks before school πŸ˜‹

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