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Allison DeGrave  Registered veterinary technician / avid crossfitter 🐶💪🏋🐱

Gotta take advantage of having healthy kittens around to play with, especially where I work 😅 #rvt #veterinarytechnician #kittensarethebest #shespurringiswear

8 weeks ago I started a nutrition challenge through my gym with @aysesukola ( left is start week 1/ right is end week 8 with last photo flexing). I’ve kept the weight off but wanted to see more muscle definition and knew my diet wasn’t great. It taught me how to track macros, measure portion sizes, and make healthier choices at the grocery store. I now meal prep my 3 main meals for the week, do crossfit 5x a week (was doing 3-4x), and record all my food in myfitnesspal. It’s been a HUGE lifestyle change an I’ve definitely struggled more than once but man am I happy with the changes I’ve made. I feel SO much better, I understand how to fuel my body better, an I know one or two “bad meals” isn’t going to derail my progress. Overall I lost about 10 pounds an inches in various places. Happy I did this an I plan on keeping it up cause seeing those 2 baby abs are VERY motivating 😂 #macros #healthylifestyle #proudofmyself #keepitup💪 #crossfit

Front squats with a push jerk. Working on getting my overhead weight heavier with better technique. All in good time! #crossfit #girlswholift #squatsandjerks #barbellislife

They can be jerks to each other, they take all my money, and they drive me up a wall sometimes but I sure do love these furry felines. #catsofinstagram #fluffyandfabulous #presleyandscarlett

LOVE the new color like always from @roguehairstudio. She worked with me to find something lower maintenance that still looks awesome and doesn’t sacrifice all the lightning I’ve done. Can’t thank her enough! #pulpriot #pinkhairdontcare #cantgiveitup

Confidence is something I used to lack big time. Now I feel pretty great about myself, and that’s a cool thing to say. #confidence #feelingmyself #positivechange

Little blurry but did some heavy back squats tonight! 2x5 at 180# and 2x3 at 190#. Thanks @misselysenicole for the video! #girlswholift #backsquat #squatsfordays

Current feels starting the 4th week of the nutrition challenge. Still getting the hang of counting macros and dealing hard core with cravings. Hangry is a real thing. #macros #majorsweettooth #lifestylechange

A couple photos from my team comp last week. One, 45 pounds looks weenie with the small plates and two, I was struggling hard core to fully extend on my DB snatches. Overhead is a weakness for me😂 #crossfit #teamcompetition #overheadsquat #dbsnatches

Came in second place in our team crossfit competition yesterday. Had a blast with these guys and can’t wait to do it again! #crossfit #crossfitcompetition #secondplace

Happy new year pretty girl 💜 #pitbullsofinstagram #dogsmiles #shesperfect

I love this giant fluffy cat. #catsofinstagram #fluffycat #earfluff

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