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Allisa  I'm Shirley, a 62-year-old retired librarian. I enjoy cross-stitch, Himalayan salt lamps, and overfeeding my grandkids.

I've been working on this off and on since September and just finished it today. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out! #patriots #superbowlchamps #tombrady #patsnation #graphicdesign #personalproject #adobeillustrator #BlitzForSix

Back then I was the weird baby lesbian who wore Patriots gear 4 days a week. Not much has changed except now this shit-eating grin won't go away! #OGpatsfan #superbowlchamps #carelesswhisperer #1995 #freakishlylongfingers

It's nice of StubHub to casually remind me to buy Super Bowl tickets. I'm sorry, but you must have met drunk Allisa. I don't have nearly as much money as she thinks we do.

Pranking Haley is the best part of any day. Watch as she sinisterly smiles, thinking she is going to spook me in the shower, but little does she know the hunter becomes the hunted! @hlychpmn #hothaley

Thanks for all the things that you stood for, all the things that you stood up against, and the example of courage, good humor, hope, and grace under fire that you set for all of us. Thank you for being an inspiration, role model, class act, and BAMF. While I might not agree with all of his actions, I would like to say Thanks Obama for being the coolest damn president ever. #thanksobama #graphicdesign #adobeillustrator

Our little Love Shack. @hlychpmn #valentinesdecor #๐Ÿ’Œ

My favorite part of 2016 is that I get to kiss this girl at midnight for the third year in a row. #comeatme2017 #hothaley

Big Mike got drunk. He asked me not to post this. #videooo #dadstagram

The one thing I love more than presents is a good portmanteau. So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when Haley announced the #12DaysofIssmas -- a new gift-giving holiday with my (nick)namesake. My first gift was a pair of touchscreen gloves and a fun ice scraper from my favorite graphic designer's shop (dat Kabel Black tho). Today I got a lightning cable -- perfectly timed since the one I usually use just died -- and a mirrored phone case so I can "always make sure [my] hair looks good." Haley knows me so well that her gifts are always practical but also make me feel spoiled rotten, which are the best kind of gifts! I am so #hashtagblessed to have her in my life.

I made this in exchange for an actual pizza. I wish everyone paid me in pizza. #pizzaslut #๐Ÿ• #adobeillustrator #graphicdesign