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Alli Hanson  mom.wife.sister.friend.aunt.cousin.card maker.happy/snail mail lover.stage iv melanoma cancer ass kicker.

when picking out halloween costumes with your daughter, you can’t help but be a kid too, right? right.🦄🦄🦄🦄

bloodwork and check up day. here we go.

oh hello fall, nice to see you.

out on the walk to cheer on kim, and it is not everyday you get your picture taken with a pink gorilla so it was a must for me and @taylorfogo.

i remember the day she called to tell me she was diagnosed with cancer. i remember being with her at the hospital. i remember the nights staying with her when she felt like hell. i remember all the good news and shitty news that has followed. the shit. but today was all about holding the joy in both hands. a day to celebrate @seattle_bp getting married. oh, dear joy, so thankful for you showing up for this amazing girl.❤️

sometimes it is worn out. frayed at the edges. but it is always still there. holding on the best it can. just look for it. however it may cross your path❤️

my favorite color in awesome boots. you kind of have to, right? right.

it is not every day you start your morning under this seattle beauty.

👊🏻👊🏻🥊🥊 pretty much loved this button!!!

cheering my sister on as she starts to walk 60 miles for breast cancer. go kim, we love you.❤️

when you celebrate your birthday late with your in-laws, and you get perfect presents from @thebeeandthefox (that you may have given strong hints about - like the exact direct links😏). happy late bday to this kid🎉🎉🎉🎉

life doesn’t end up like you think it will. i thought when i was documenting pictures of this year i would be including pictures of us in france as we had long planned. i had that picture of us in front of the eiffel tower so clear in my mind. but hospital visits and sickness got in the way and those plans were cancelled. i got myself these scissors to remind myself to hold hope. just because it didn’t happen this year, doesn’t mean those pictures won’t be documented in the future. you always have to hold on to hope in whatever way you can. at least i do.

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