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Allison May Kiphuth  NH Seacoast/Maine-based artist. Lifelong nature and conservation enthusiast. 1/3 of @nahcotta/@enormoustinyart.

Forty-seven (felt like forty-seven thousand ­čś│) tiny sheep standing in the rain in Sea Ranch ­čÉĹ Watercolor on layers of hand cut paper for #Allemansr├Ątten2018, which opens May 4th at @nahcotta! If you'd like to be notified when the work goes live on the site, email gallery(at) ­čĺî

Bunch of tiny, rain-drenched sheep, in progress for #allemansr├Ątten2018. Based on a photo I grabbed in a torrential downpour with dreamqueen @mollymrgrt (and with thanks always to ever-patient getaway driver @ramg_). Show opens May 4th at @nahcotta! ­čÉĹ

Rainbows on rainbows, based on a photo from a dreamy wander with one of my oldest, dearest friends. Watercolor on layers of hand cut paper for #allemansr├Ątten2018, which opens next month at @nahcotta ­čîł If you'd like to be added to the notification list to be emailed when the work is available online, send a ­čĺî to gallery(at)! #caseformakingwatercolors

18" tall sequoias. Watercolor on paper, hand cut, and soon-to-be available as part of my upcoming May solo show at @nahcotta. I've also gotten a couple questions recently about the opacity of my whites! I like Schmincke's opaque titanium white, but the real trick is to cut down on your water usage. Using drybrush technique (which I learned from my dad, @david_kiphuth) allows for a higher level of detail than people typically associate with watercolor as a medium ­čöÄ­čî▓ #allemansr├Ątten2018 @sequoiakingsnps

Trying out some skies and feeling pretty damn excited about it. Watercolor on layers of hand-cut paper for my upcoming May solo show, #allemansr├Ątten2018, at @nahcotta. This tree, and the wildlife refuge where it lives, were pretty solidly responsible for me not turning around 4 days into my solo cross country drive (I'm looking at you, laryngitis and scary Tennessee ice storm). If you're in western Oklahoma and you need a pick-me-up, do yourself a favor and go camp at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge ­čľĄ

Dusk on the side of the highway in Cuba, New Mexico. Four layers of watercolor on paper, hand cut, for #allemansr├Ątten2018 in May at @nahcotta Ôܬ´ŞĆ For scale, a tiny liberty dime from a dear friend.

Progress on the grove - watercolor on paper, cut by hand, dime for scale. For #allemansr├Ątten2018 at @nahcotta in May ­čî▓

If I could only paint one thing for the rest of time, I'd choose trees. Watercolor on paper, based on a driveby photo that I took just beyond the Robin Williams Tunnel, in Sausalito. #allemansr├Ątten2018 #cfmwatercolors

In progress, based on a photo from a hike back in January with one of my oldest and dearest friends. Watercolor on layers of hand-cut paper for #allemansr├Ątten2018 at @nahcotta Ôܬ´ŞĆ Also, per usual, #cfmwatercolors ­čîł

Watercolor on paper, cut out by hand, dime for scale. #allemansr├Ątten2018

Tonight, as I was leaving work, a gross old man in a cowboy hat stopped me on the sidewalk to tell me I looked good. When I walked by him without acknowledgement, he heckled me and told me to aw-c'mon-smile. I said NOPE, and then FUCK OFF. It made me mad. Really mad. The kind of mad that had me feeling like I wanted to pull out my Opinel knife, "Nothing Without Intention" etched into the blade, and teach him not to prey on women. But I didn't. I walked to my car, shaming myself all the way for not turning around and asking him who the hell he thinks he is, or confronting him "better". This is every day misogyny. This is why woman are scared to travel alone, to hike solo, to stop at gas stations after dark when they're driving across the country by themselves. So, as a retroactive go-fuck-yourself to the coward in the cowboy hat, and a small act of empowerment, here's a picture I took of myself in the middle-of-nowhere badlands of New Mexico, without cell service, completely isolated, and NOT AFRAID. ÔťŐ­čĆ╝

In progress for my upcoming May solo show at @nahcotta. Watercolor on hand cut layers of paper (5"h x 7"w), based on a photo from a rainy drive down the Sonoma coast with @mollymrgrt, @ramg_ and @ipissmypantsdaily ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ#allemansr├Ątten2018 #cfmwatercolors

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