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Allison May Kiphuth  NH Seacoast/Maine-based artist. Plants, feathers, bones, forests, marshes, and the ocean.


The air and wind feel so full of electricity tonight, and the forest behind me is a velvety dark vacuum, and all I can think about is my mom. Equinox charge, running hot and strong.

If you happen to be in San Francisco, head over to @fayesvideo from 6-8:30p PST for the reception of #friendsthatnevermet! This collaboration with my sweet friend @poopingrabbit is there, along with so many other awesome mash-ups! Also, if you're a 🐿/🌈 fan living outside the Bay Area and want to take these ones home with you, send a note to fayesvideo(at)gmail.com and they'll hook you up (it's $350!) 🌈❤️

When something sparks your brain at a small scale, it seems like a good idea to order some big pieces of paper and try it that way, too. Stay tuuuned! ⚪️ #eta22 #allemansrätten

Today was all juniper and mountain ash and golden hour and true quiet, and it felt so good.

A little more than an hour left to bid on the current auction, with 100% of proceeds going to the @houstonfoodbank ❤️ Head back to my previous post to get in on the action!

@michaeldandley is one of the most talented artists I've ever known, and by some huge stroke of luck, I also get to have him as a co-worker and one of my very best friends. Today, @nahcotta and I got a sneak peek of the pieces he's been working on for his upcoming solo show in November, and they're fucking astounding. Everyone mark your calendars, and if you want to be notified when it's all available, shoot us an email at gallery(at)nahcotta(dot)com. M, I love the hell out of you and can't wait to fight the temptation to buy at least three pieces 😍😍😍

Auction time! Here's how it works: run time is from now until 12pm EST on Saturday (9/9). You can bid in any increment, and when you outbid someone, please tag them so that they're aware! Retail value is $135. Shipping is on me (no international shipping, but if you have an address/friend/family in the US, I'm happy to ship to them!). 100% of proceeds go to the @houstonfoodbank ❤️ This owl feather is watercolor, ink and encaustic on paper, has a magnet adhered to the back for wall-mounting, and measures 4.5" x 2". Onward and upward!

It feels like the world is coming apart at the seams, and it's sort of covered me with this blanket of paralysis. Every time I think I've pinned down the non-profit I want to do an auction for, Trump and his cabinet pull something new and horrific out of their cruel arsenal that leaves us all reeling. This owl feather for the @houstonfoodbank is an attempt to shake off that whiplash and get back to work. It's watercolor and ink on bristol, and once it's finished (getting close), I'll be cutting it out, sealing it with an encaustic dip (#bioconstellation style) and adhering a magnet to the back for easy wall-mounting. Auction will begin at 8am EST on Friday (Sept 8) and will run until 12pm EST on Saturday (Sept 9), with 100% of proceeds going straight to the Houston Food Bank, which is committed both to immediate need and long haul recovery from Harvey 💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾

If you're in the Seacoast Area tonight, head down to @nahcotta from 6-8p for the opening reception of our 22nd @enormoustinyart show! We are feeling insanely lucky to work with so many high caliber artists, both in talent and character ❤️ Also, I finally just did a little fall cleaning on my website (my "current" show was still March's ETA - sorry guys 😬 Now to tackle the #bioconstellation section... 🍂) #eta22

To borrow one of my babe @mollymrgrt's favorite descriptives, I am utterly verklempt. Thank you for gifting me with so many kinds words, and so much unbridled enthusiasm, and maybe most dearly of all, the freedom to experiment and make the things that compel and propel and set me on fire. I cannot believe what a lucky thing it is, and that, by the grace of some wild star alignment, I am the recipient. You guys are the fucking greatest. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my verklempt little heart, a hundred billion times over 💫💫💫 (Also, to the sad people I heard from who missed out: I'm sincerely so sorry for the disappointment, but I see you, and I'm unbelievably flattered that you're moved by my work 💛💛💛)

The new demi-spheres are live! Link in bio! ⚪️🍂 #eta22 @enormoustinyart @nahcotta

One of six new pieces that will be available via @enormoustinyart Friday 8/25 at 2pm EST!! This series is a bit of an experiment, falling somewhere between my boxed scenes and #bioconstellation, or, as I've been thinking of them, uncontained dioramas ⚪️🍂 #eta22 @nahcotta (also, @caseformaking's french vermilion is my new favorite 😍 #cfmwatercolors )

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