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Allie crandell🌿  Unlearn. Deprogram🤖 Question everything👁 Honor all life🌱Love everyone💜Change yourself, change the world🌎You are the universe!🖖🏻PLANTS OVER PILLS 🍁🍄🍊

Y’all think Coachella is tight but have you ever stayed in LA and experienced 3 days without traffic and no lines at Whole Foods?

I’m not sure if I like this pic because I’m pretty baked rn but I think it’s chill. Much love to @thehandloom 💕 all handmade in 🇹🇷

Right before the shirt fell off

Spring ting @elizabethstonejewelry 🌷

Everything in its right place

The bigger the hoops, the ______ the ______.

I’m so tired I’m not sure if I’m still at my job or if I went home and fell asleep and this is a dream. My favorite 🧟‍♀️🕺🏻

Regardless of what you believe and/or celebrate, I hope your day is peaceful and pleasant. I slept all day, now I’m doing laundry. May your April be your best month of 2018 yet. Love and peace to you all!!

Wednesday humps 🐫🤨

How many North Korean laws am I breaking here??
The answer is 4. 🤔
1- my hair length/cut is not one of the 15 state approved hair styles for women.
2- I’m wearing jeans which are outlawed in NK because they “symbolize American imperialism” 😟
3- my piercings are considered “anti-socialist behavior” and that septum ring of mine would land me a spot in a labor camp 😟
4- Internet access is restricted to regime elites and selected university students. Can you imagine not being able to educate yourself??? 🤧

The third slide is what I really wanted to post here.. which is a guide used by North Korean salons displaying the state sanctioned hair styles.
#freenorthkorea #kimjongbutthole

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