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Hi, you guys. I haven't used instagram since it was a brown camera. But the tour de Evanston reunion friend/sister celebration of wonder deserves this. I even tagged people. We: hiked E hill, visited the library where my kids pictures are still up, touched our old magical house, played geologist and had a rock collecting ceremony that the kids took very seriously, didn't go in the fallout shelter, saw the new downtown art, found and hid an official evanston rock, playdoh ice cream and "smoothies", talked to a famous cowboy and his precious, played with chinchillas and rats, afternoon McNuggets, water shoe shopping (max didn't like the Elsa ones I found him), bear river swimming, Chinese food, smores, oh dang and I forgot the farmers market, watercolor painting, and the new Utah-overrun red shoe restaurant.

January should be when we all post holiday pics.

Christmas tree ornaments collected from last year til now. All from trips or special people. 2016 has a lot to live up to!! (ahem...bear world)

That time of the year when I go from fall holidays to winter ones in 3 photos or less

Family, friend, and a selfie stick.

I throw parties and then we happily eat leftovers and build table forts and then eventually I put them away and think, hey the house is looking pretty clean, I should throw another party!

I too am a sounder, so in a way I'm cheering for myself.

aaaaaaaaaadventure time!

Our first washington Sunday afternoon meatball dinner with about 2/3 of us in one beautiful selfie.

Everybody needs a Nichole. And everybody needs surprise Pokemon cards, Canadian chocolate, pumpkin spice skulls, fridge magnets, maple leaf syrup bottles, and adorable friends' school pics once in a while too.

Today we became bffs with the humpbacks, climbed a stone tower on top of a mountain, had the best crepes of Derek's life, and got told by strangers that our children are adorable and lovely and patient.

Derek's longing for a whale to come do the free willy over him

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