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All Heart BMG  Just a human trying to encourage you to be your best self! An Advanced Supps Partner πŸ’ͺ #teamjesus #teamallheart > Phil 4:13 <

This week was the first week I was cleared to take the brace off after torn bicep surgery! Was also cleared to drive so that means nothing is holding back from being in that gym! So now time to take some of this weight off and feel like myself again after 2 very long months. #getsome #keepfighting #underdog #dreambig @advanced_supps @breakthrough_labz

Today's #fbfriday message is about worry which even I do but hey it's part of being a human! Just know "a day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work!" So instead of worrying about what could happen let's keep dreaming big crazy dreams and chasing trying to make it happen! πŸ’―πŸ”₯ #getsome #keepfighting #allheartsmatter @advanced_supps @breakthrough_labz

Thank you @shaylon_fitnesswonderwoman for showing her support for struggling teens & wanting to be Armed & All Heart wearing the brand new @advanced_supps #allheart shirt! Get yours either at Advanced Supps at the Capital City Mall Camp Hill Pennsylvania or donate $12 or more to my gofund me and I will ship free!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’–

What!? Yeah that's right today's #tbthursday message is right out of @nbofitness @c.t.ali.fletcher playbook and that's make gains no freaking excuses!! Even with a busted bicep there are still gains to be made!! #getsome #keepfighting #dreambig #breakthrough #allheartsmatter @advanced_supps @breakthrough_labz

Today's #wbwednesday message is to be ready to fight when all looks lost as if you sit in the ashes of broken hopes and dreams! Don't be afraid of what could happen but look ahead to what could go right! #keepfighting #getsome #dreambig #allheartsmatter @advanced_supps @breakthrough_labz

Got cleared this week to do more without my bicep brace so Finally!! ... The BMG has come ... Home!! Some light leg work and cardio! #getsome #keepfighting #dreambig #allheartsmatter @advanced_supps @breakthrough_labz

Had a great time hanging out with the wonderful people of @advanced_supps at their grand opening of their Capital City Mall store in Camp Hill Pennsylvania! Met @mindyw67 and @leshermatthew that said they seen my YouTube and Instagram and keep it up! Plus professional wrestler @hungarian_hero made a special appearance! Want to thank Advanced Supps and @breakthrough_labz for this blessed opportunity!

I always had a vision in my heart that one day I would see my brand in a store. Today that vision God placed on my heart is a reality!! 10am-9pm Capital City Mall, Camp Hill Pennsylvania come an get an affordable faith and fitness shirt that goes to a great cause helping struggling teen through @remedylive ! Thank you @advanced_supps for this opportunity! πŸ”₯#allheartsmatter

Tomorrow 10am my faith and fitness apparel supporting struggling teens comes to the brand new @advanced_supps store in the Capital City Mall in Camp Hill Pennsylvania!! Come buy a very affordable shirt that you can feel good about! #allheartsmatter #getsome #keepfighting #mentalhealthawareness

#fbfriday message is bringing down our walls of "you will never" , "you are not good enough" and "impossible"!! From bullied over weight, special ed teen to one day away from seeing my faith and fitness shirts on display at @advanced_supps in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania!! If you would have told teenager BMG I would have a passion and love for fitness so much that I would be repping shirts for it someday I would have told you "yea whatever, F off!" and walked away with my head down. You see it was my faith in Jesus Christ and my love for fitness that I didn't have yet that would flip my life forever! So never, EVER let that mind set of impossible creep into your life! #getsome #keepfighting #dreambig #allheartsmatter @breakthrough_labz Time to... #breakthrough !!

Today's #tbthursday message is a reminder that the battle is never lost until you say it is! Just because you may deal with some things like maybe a little depression or anxiety that is only a battle NOT the whole war!! Let's go @bodywarriorathletics #bodywarriors #keepfighting & keep #bootstoasses !! Mostly our own!! @advanced_supps @breakthrough_labz It's time to... #breakthrough !!!

Huge Armed & All Heart Announcement!! @advanced_supps @breakthrough_labz has agreed to partner with my faith and fitness brand Armed & All Heart allowing us to sell in their new Capital City Mall Store opening April 14th at 10am! For only $11.99 you can feel good about wearing our shirts because a % goes to @remedylive giving today's youth a positive platform to overcome their struggles!

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