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she has a handful of ladybugs!  womp womp

we really didn’t know billie eilish was 16 so that’s awkward.....also the rainbow before rks??? wild

i truly do not know what i would do without you

i love uUUuUuuUuu😤👀😩💖🤡💅🏽

my music midtown pics get better every year and i guess my girl did too ;-P

anna is my biggest fan and i legit don’t know why🤔

i luv my gf and ice cream
i bought another juul yesterday bc i forgot my charger at home and i didn’t wanna go get it and then i found my charger in my pocket so i have a new unopened juul if any of u wanna buy one lmk! i’m an idiot. it’s $30 if u come get it, it’s more if i have to physically bring it to u


we both have mono and this was such a stupid idea but the views make up for our lack of self care and responsibility 🤪

i really wish the unedited original of this photo wasn’t controversial bc i love it and totally wanna post it but,,,UNFORTUNATELY, as much as i’d like to make waves, i cannot. graphic design is my passion i call this one mr.krabs lesbian apprentice
side note: i made this at work and i should totally be working right now but lmao effort!!!

i luv it when she reads 2 me 😤😩

i was the only noteworthy piece of art in that museum 💅🏽

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