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Hannah Meier  21 WA📍 Ultrasound & Sonography Major Ulcerative Colitis Warrior💪🏻 IIFYM & Heavy Lifting Other half to Kellen Maloney💕

Went to the gym this morning with my favorite person❤️ I always get excited when he and I get to go together, because this man pushes me to my limits, and WOWZA I’m feeling it today😅 Thanks for being my workout buddy forever Kel😘💪🏻
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It’s my 21st BIRTHDAY!🎉🥂 Here’s a pic from my leg session a couple days ago since I’m currently suffering through the wait at the DOL for my big girl license😝

Excited to celebrate with my boyfriend, family and friends tonight☺️ Bring on the festivities!🍹🍸🎂🍾🍷 _____________________________________________________
#tilyoucollapse #chronicillness #fitnessjourney #bodybuilding #fitnessaddict #fit #fitspo #legday #booty🍑

Couples that lift together stay together💪🏻
Here’s a throwback with my swolemate, my partner in crime, my biggest supporter and the love of my life☺️😍 I love you, and I love us❤️
#coupleswholift #couplesthatlift #fitcouple #chronicillness #fitnessjourney #bodybuilding #fitnessaddict #fit #fitspo

To be honest, I'm a little self-conscious posting this, but I want to be 100% transparent so this is a comparison from last summer to this summer. The difference?
⭐️August 2016: I was on a heavy dose of Prednisone for my Ulcerative Colitis which made me put on water weight, I wasn't exercising and I was eating less, but not healthily.
⭐️August 2017: I'm off Prednisone but on Entyvio infusions for my UC, and I'm eating better and more. I'm lifting several times a week, and treating my body with the patience and kindness it deserves.

I've been frustrated thinking my disease would dictate who I was supposed to be, but I've found that my UC doesn't rule me, I rule my UC💪🏻
#chronicillness #fitnessjourney #bodybuilding #fitnessaddict #girlgains #fit #transformationtuesday #fatloss

Embracing all things Fall now that I'm back home and at the gym in cooler weather🎃🍂 I'm excited for things to come in the next two weeks, including my 21st birthday and the start of Autumn quarter at UW🎉
I'm also super happy that it's almost the time of year for cozy blankets, roaring fires, good food, yummy candles, and lots of snuggles with my man☺️
What're you most excited about for the coming season?🍁
#chronicillness #fitnessjourney #bodybuilding #fitnessaddict
#girlgains #fit #pumpkinspice #fall #PSL #biceps #abs2bfitnessapparel #quadgains #growingseason #bulking

Although the sun is setting on summer vacation, I'm grateful that I filled it with incredible memories with the ones I love and with progress towards my goals. I'm a happy girl ready to take on the coming school year and seasons☺️🍂❄️
#chronicillness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #bodybuilding #fitnessaddict
#girlgains #fit #bikini #summer #pool #nature #naturephotography

Trying to soak up every last minute of vacation before I go back to reality☀️
I'm looking forward to celebrating my 21st birthday with my boyfriend and family in a couple of weeks, however, I'm a little stressed for the start of classes as this quarter will be a busy one! Though my upcoming Physics class may be the death of me, I'm super excited to be taking Human Anatomy and Physiology🔬
This year I plan to try to stay stress-free by following daily habits that will benefit me and not hinder me. I plan on maintaining my frequent workout plan, eating to fuel my body, getting my class work done ahead of schedule, and (attempting to🤞🏻) get more sleep per night.
I'd love advice on things that help you stay stress free as well during the school year☺️
#chronicillness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #bodybuilding #fitnessaddict
#girlgains #fit #bikini #summer #pool #nature #naturephotography

About a half a year ago I started my fitness journey and this page with the intention for it to hold me accountable. Little did I know that I'd meet some of the coolest people and make amazing friendships by joining the IG fitness community! Though I still have a small following, I thank every one of you for the support and motivation you have given me even when my autoimmune disease had me second guessing myself and my path. I'm nowhere near my goals, so I'm going to keep grinding, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU❤️☺️

Embracing my vacation body made from good food, great drinks, and amazing company☺️😋 I've found that balance is the key to my happiness in life, and since I'm a stressy person at times (yay for Type A personality😂) it's OKAY for me to relax with family and friends and miss a few days at the gym. It'll always be waiting for me when I get back and I'm ready to grind💪🏻


Feeling absolutely blessed on this Sunday💕
I'm in paradise at our vacation house surrounded by my family and the man I love, and I honestly couldn't be happier☺️
Really thinking about what I'm thankful for in my life today😌

Found out yesterday that the flare I thought my Ulcerative Colitis is in is actually a BAD C Diff infection😮 C Diff is a bacteria that causes inflammation in your gut and if left untreated can cause perforated bowels, so I'm super happy they caught it since it's my third infection (IBD people are more prone). Excited to get on antibiotics and get my appetite and strength back, and surprised I was able to lift through it all. Wowza women are tough💪🏻

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