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Hannah Meier  20 Ultrasound & Sonography Major Ulcerative Colitis Warrior💪🏻 Seattle, WA📍 IIFYM & Heavy Lifting Other half to Kellen Maloney💕

Finished my first week back in the gym after taking a long 2-week vacation with my family and boyfriend. Didn't lose much progress, but the most important thing was that I felt free to enjoy life without being tied to the gym or my diet☺️ Memories & experiences>macros💕💪🏻

Got my sea (read: lake😂) legs and quite the workout in on my paddle board🌊

Traded in leggings and the gym for a bikini and a pool this week☀️

Embracing the summer heat and my hip dips today☺️☀️ I've had them all my life and always felt like the only one, so shoutout to @busybee.carys for normalizing them in the fitness world and making me love my lil' dips💕

Cheers to the first day of summer!☀️🎉
Looking forward to many more beach days with my man (who's behind the camera, haha)💕🌊

This #NikkiblackketterxGymshark collection is making me feel some type of way😍 Amazing job curating this line @nikkiblackketter 🙌🏻

Because of my Ulcerative Colitis leaving me weak and boney, I've always struggled with loving the body I'm in. I've worked my butt off the past few months, and for once in my life, I'm feeling confident in my own skin☺💕🍑

Leaned down a little for summer and simultaneously gained a 1/2 inch on my glutes over the past month, so I'm a happy gal☺🍑

Relaxing beach day with my man feat. bad tan lines😝

Hiking with @kmaloney79 makes for the best cardio days🌲

💜Today is World IBD Day💜
I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2011 after losing 20lbs within a 2 week span and landing myself in Children's Hospital. Ulcerative Colitis is an Irritable Bowel Disease that when in a flare causes inflammation/ulcers in your colon, abdominal pain, nausea, cramping, weight loss and many other gastrointestinal issues. Though I am doing better presently, I still face pain and symptoms, but I have chosen to not let them hold me back from my goals in life. This disease has made me weak, malnourished, and underweight in the past, so I am SO happy that I'm at a place where I can lift, get stronger, and gain mass (even though I'm eating 3000 calories a day to do it😝). My health goal is what my account's name is all about: be fit without Colitis flares☺ The most important thing that I have learned throughout this process, is that my disease does not define me; I define my disease💪🏻 @crohnscolitisfoundation

Shoutout to @kmaloney79 for always having my back (and taking pics of it)😉😋

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