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aly  🌐📸 Manila

I know your best side.

you in my dreams thats why i sleep all the time

Boat rides in Mekong Delta.

Juliette and I on film. Summer 2018

that one time in Hongkong when @julietteboa thought that sitting on a fire hydrant was a good idea and now my height is measurable by it.

In southern Vietnam, they built their own religion called Caodaism and the architecture of their temple is fascinating.

Nothing more amazing than seeing and learning different cultures

Google maps helped us a lot when we were lost in the city. We had whole lotta walking tho because we were clueless on where we are 😩😂

Missing the noodles and mango sticky rice that @julietteboa and i were having by the floating market

Always gonna capture your beautiful smile. They say opposite attracts and i guess they are right. We are alike in ways and the complete opposite in some ways. Which i find beautiful and like about us because we get to learn from each other everyday and it never gets boring. We balance each other out. Though we have different perspectives sometimes but bb i love how you speak your mind. You taught me how to be patient, to get my shit together when im about to lose it and most especially how to handle my shmoney right. 😛❤️ Here’s to seeing the world and learning life with you. Ty for making my bday extra special this year by going around Asia. I love love love love love you my @julietteboa.

There’s nothing like getting ur fresh cut in the streets of Ho Chi Minh. 💇🏻‍♂️✂️

Market in the middle of a railway in BKK.

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