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✖❌✖  🔮 I see the crystal visions. I keep my visions to myself. 🔮

So we went to breakfast, and Jack Hanna wouldn't leave my friends alone. Can't go anywhere with them.

But for real, happy #nationalpuppyday to Tiny E, the real M.V.P. of the P.U.P. little perma-pup #edgarebenezerbraveheart 🖤

Hung with this pupper on national pupper day. Ripley seems to think this is comfy. #ripleypitbull

Feeling slightly human today.

I don't post a lot of selfies anymore, so I figured I owed the internet at least one. Here it is.

Miserable Dog thought he wanted to go outside, until... #edgarebenezerbraveheart

Oh...hello, alarm. #darthkitious

@iwannaxyouup made a page showcasing her delicious vegan food! @busybitchyvegan @busybitchyvegan @busybitchyvegan

Went to St Germain for the first time last night. I pretty much ate everything. No ragrets.

It's my muffins 8th birthday! It's so hard to believe we've celebrated 8 birthdays already. I pray there are many more ahead. #edgarebenezerbraveheart #timeflies #pleaseneverleaveme #8magicalyears #tinydudebigheart #31109 #mysunshine 🦄🎂💜

The hills are alive with the sound of who cares. #selfie #youmadbro

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