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Allergy Mom Depot  Awareness💍jewelry +👛 essentials for modern allergy moms.

We’re talking about #allergymom goals this week on our NEW sister site, Allergy Moms Association. @allergymomtribe

Goals are an important tool to help you feel empowered and confident as you manage your child’s allergies. ✅

Maybe you want to find a new doctor, look into a clinical trial, find a new support group or a babysitter to allow you to have more time for self-care.

Whatever your goals are, do yourself a favor, take just 15 minutes to *actually* write them down for 2019. Grab our printable, Allergy Mom Goal Setting worksheet. Here’s how: >>Hop over to our NEW sister site @allergymomtribe and click the link in bio to subscribe & download the freebie.<< Now place them inside your allergy mom binder.

Great job, momma. You’ll be amazed at how clearly you’ll see your journey ahead.💙 Follow us for more allergy mom inspo @allergymomtribe.💕👍 #allergymomtribe #foodallergy #foodallergies #allergymom #allergymoms #peanutallergy #foodallergymom #allergyfriendly #nutfree #milkfree

Hi friends! I hope 2019 is off to a bright start!

I am excited to share that our new sister membership site, Allergy Moms Association is live! 🎉
This brand new membership and support site is going to turbo-charge your allergy mom journey in 2019!

Back in November, [on our survey] you told me how difficult it is to find quality support and information.
I also know how difficult it is and have personally spent h-o-u-r-s on Facebook with the hope of finding answers, only to turn up empty-handed. I feel you, friend.
This got me thinking: Why isn’t there something better?

Our new membership site will empower you, build confidence and offer group support on a smaller, more personal level with other allergy moms genuinely interested in helping YOU!
Information will come to you, instead of you searching endlessly online for it. All from the comfort of your couch!🍷 From getting organized to 504 planning to going to camp or starting a business or blog, we plan to cover all of these topics and more in 2019!! So, grab a binder for 2019 and come join us!

Join me over the next several weeks for our first module, Organize Your Allergy Mom Life--where we get organized in 2019 and build out your MyAllergyMomBinder™. Excited yet? Me too.

1. Follow along at our new account @allergymomtribe
2. via the link in bio or go to subscribe to learn more & download the Allergy Mom Goal Setting freebie!

Last week, on the (New!)AMA blog, I talked about why we need to set goals as allergy moms and the importance of staying unstuck.
Check it out at and I hope to also see you on the other side!

BEST wishes,
Allison xx

P.S. Ready to skip ahead and Join Now? DM me with the word, “interested” for a SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER!

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Stock up now for Valentine’s Day and 2019 Awareness and Teacher gift-giving seasons in May!! 🙂👌

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My house is literally bursting with anticipation and excitement for next week!🎄

The kids are on Winter Break and I’ve been busy baking with them, including this #nutfree #dairyfree gingerbread house. 🏠

What I love about this recipe and template, is its simplicity. I substitute it with my dairy free butter and it is good to go!* I use safe-for-us candy (Coastal Bay brand) from the dollar store to decorate them and they turn out SO cute and most importantly, they are SAFE! Simple, safe, quick and inexpensive! #WINNING
Hint:a glue gun is your friend for assembling them.; -)

If you would like to see the exact recipe I used, feel free to click the link in bio & message me over on Facebook messenger until 12/23 (after then I will be happily drinking #dairyfree eggnog, and going unplugged for a few days). •
Well, I’m off to take out another batch of allergy-friendly cookies, but please stay with me over the coming weeks as we change things up around here and start 2019 off with a bang! 🎉

BEST wishes,
• *Please always double check ingredients for your own allergy set.

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Teachers all across the U.S. will be gifted this holiday season with these meaningful, teal earrings for #foodallergy awareness!💙🎉 🎄Thank you for your support! It is with your help that we are able to blanket much of the U.S. with our awareness products each year!

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It’s small business Saturday! 🎉I thought it would be fun to go back in time to 2015 and do a Then and Now of how far we’ve come because of you!! •Then: We had humble beginnings with a small table at a local #foodallergy event and just a few items on our website. •Now: Your feedback and a lot of trial and error has guided our way, with more quality awareness items being added(check out our current Sterling Silver line). •Then: But, we certainly had a few misses along the way and these products were phased out of our offering (swipe right if you’re interested to see what they were🙂)
Thanks so much for sticking with me as we build this business. We have some BIG plans for 2019, so please stay tuned!
We hope you’ll visit us today over at and #shopsmall. Enjoy your Saturday, friends! ~Allison xx

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