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Good morning ๐ŸŒž

Sunday funday with the Great White Sharks

For five days, I lived with Bruce Gold, known as the last great surfing hippie in South Africa. We surfed every morning, hiked, did afternoon yoga, and would end the night with Qigong before we sleep. Bruce has sacrificed everything in his life to surf. He quit his job in his early twenties and moved to Jeffreys Bay and he is now 71 years old and haven't worked since. Having no money and no value in materialistic things in life, Bruce never stops smiling and always told me how happy he is everyday. " bruh life is always good " - Bruce Gold

A day of Sidakani


Colorful (1/3)

Mother (2/3)

Nature (3/3)


LOST 60"x40" - a start to a new series

It took six months of preparation to turn an idea that started at a coffee shop into reality. Without the hard work and the time by @lostlakes @anthonymaranto and the rest of the team at @whitetreecreative our success wouldn't have been possible. Also shout-out to @lexgalvis for a great recap of the sold out show. Get ready for our next show Chicago, the roots growing ๐ŸŒฑ

Texas was fun thanks to @roundiii. Go follow @branevisuals and check out the new video. @lane.elliott @griffinkerwin @tannerharveyy

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