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Allegra Colletti  Native New Yorker — Former Fashion Editor | Visual Designer | Creative Director

Our lives are worth more than all your guns. #realnews #nrabloodmoney #marchforourlives #enough #pricetag #dontputapriceonus @nycsaysenough @nationalwalkout @nycmarchforourlives PAY ATTENTION: @repjohnfaso @leezeldin @repclaudiatenney @repjohnkatko @rep.tomreed Step away from the NRA or find a new job! #wevote #votethemout #vote 👊🏽💯🇺🇸‼️

These kids didn’t just want a day off from school. I’ve never seen a crowd listen more intently to the speakers and participate more passionately. Watching them brought tears to my eyes. There is definitely hope for real change and these kids are not going to go away quietly. They have the energy and the passion to keep up the fight and they are educating themselves and each other while standing up for one another. So fucking amazing! ♥️♥️♥️ @nycsaysenough @nationalwalkout @nycmarchforourlives

Change the Laws! Change the Culture! #gunsarenottoys #regulation 🇺🇸 @nycsaysenough @nationalwalkout @nycmarchforourlives

Fuck the NRA‼️👊🏽💯 @nycsaysenough @nationalwalkout @nycmarchforourlives

We want to raise one hand in class— not two! 🙌🏽 #dinosaurs #speakout #votethemout 👊🏽 @nycsaysenough @nationalwalkout @nycmarchforourlives

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