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So that’s week 11 of the marathon training plan done ✅ It’s been another solid week where I’ve achieved all of the planned runs and managed to also get a cheeky cycle in too! Finally going under sub 46 minutes for a 10k was an amazing moment and a long time coming (cough cough nearly 3 years!) I do feel the three run training plan is really working for me and combined with the Garmin training function has helped massively to keep me focused. The total run mileage for the week was 26 miles. Already looking forward to week 10! Bring it on. #roadtoamsterdammarathon #yearofpbs #asics #stravarun #stravacycling #garminfenix5 #10kpb

Well that’s week 12 of the marathon training plan done ✅! The first two sessions felt awesome (early morning runs 🤣) and yet tonight’s long run was a real mixed bag. It’s always mentally tough to do a two hour run at the end of a busy and fun day with the kids. But I do always look forward to it. I just think tonight’s heat took its toll and it turned into a real mental battle to get the run done. But I did it. It’s a rest day tomorrow (foam rolling) and then week 11 of the plan begins on Tuesday! #roadtoamsterdammarathon #marathontraining #stravarun #garminfenix5 #asics #yearofpbs #ilovecalliposandcocacola

I went out early this morning to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and quieter roads. The plan was a hilly 30 miles and an attempt to ascend Wye hill fast. And the ride didn’t disappoint. Two PRs up Wye Hill and another good strong session in the bag. What a cracking weekend of running and riding. #stravacycling #feltbicycles #shimano #northdowns #brabourne #wye #whitehill #visitkent #roadtoamsterdammarathon

Another week of good running achieved as I continue to build towards the @tcsamsterdammarathon. I finally ticked off my 50th @parkrunuk run today and achieved my fastest 5k this year too. Really happy with a 21:45. It feels awesome to finally be back in this sort of form. It’s been around three years! It just goes to show that if you set your mind to something you can achieve your goals. #roadtoamsterdammarathon #asics #parkrunashford #marathontraining #garminfenix5 #stravarun #yearofpbs

Who is not loving this weather?! Long may it continue. A nice easy paced 🚴🏼‍♂️with some hills thrown in for good measure today with @robertsteatham. The legs felt really strong after yesterday’s long run and the hills didn’t bite as much as they usually do. All in all a good week on the exercise front 👍🏼#roadtoamsterdammarathon #marathontraining #stravacycling #garminfenix5 #shimano #feltcycles #myadventureis #visitkent

I’ve had a good start the marathon training plan. Three runs planned, three runs achieved, totalling 20 miles ✅ I decided to merge Parkrun #49 into today’s long run which meant I held back trying to go sub 22. I’ll save that for next week’s #50. Tomorrow will be an easy ride out as I look to mix up the training. 🏃🏼‍♂️🚴🏼‍♂️ #asics #stravarun #garminfenix5 #parkrun #parkrunashford #marathontraining #myadventureis #roadtoamsterdammarathon

I decided to have ride out today instead of a long run and clocked up just over 30 miles. I managed an ave speed of 20mph on the way out to Appledore. I then took it more leisurely on the return. #stravacycling #garminfenix5 #shimano

Parkrun #48 ✅ I took myself off to @parkrunuk Folkestone today as I’d only previously run the course as part of a long training ride. I started off a tad too fast with a 6:45 min mile which definitely came back to bite towards the end of the run. However it helped me achieve my fastest 5k of the year a 22:11!! And so I’m now only a minute off my personal PB. (The garmin paused hence the time on Strava is wrong) the raspberry bakewell at the end was 😋#feelingood #garminfenix5 #asics #stravarun #visitkent #visitfolkestone #parkrun #parkruntourism ##parkrunfolkestone

I made the most of the early morning ☀️ and did 2 miles easy, 2 miles tempo followed by 2 miles recovery. Really pleased with how it went and just keep feeling stronger 💪🏼with every run 🏃🏼‍♂️ #garminfenix5 #stravarun #asics

Woke up early doors and fuelled by a ☕️cracked out of fast 5K before work. 3 PRs and negative splits too. I’m now ready for whatever Tuesday wants to throw at me 💪🏼😊 #garminfenix5 #asics #stravarun

Nice easy long run tonight as I look to start to get ready for the marathon training plan to kick off. #stravarun #asics #garminfenix5 #roadtoamsterdammarathon

The kids well and truly made Father’s Day a great day today. From drawings, cards and key rings to twirl bars, cupcakes and a framed Team Steatham picture. All great gifts. Yet the best gift of all, was watching them play with smiles on the faces for a few hours with a gang of other kids who’d they’d never met and will likely never meet again. #fathersday

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