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Allan Massoud  🌴 🐪 🚐🌏 🏍 @allanwed 👻

This last weekend at Rawhyde’s #advdays was absolutely awesome! Huge thanks to my brother @sheromedic for introducing me to some genuinely amazing folks, @rawhyde_adventures for hosting yet another great event and @motoinsider for capturing some truly unforgettable moments with my family.

Best seat in the house 🚐🏜

It’s easily overlooked, what is now called vintage was once brand new. I had an absolute blast ripping through the California desert on these old machines. #whyweride #vintagehonda #hwy395 #highsierra #brap #dualsport #optoutside

Sri Lanka; Mena and I would refer to it as the land of pleasant surprises. The landscape, relentless with its beauty. The food, vibrant and enticing. Most of all, the people; the people share a certain shared graciousness and cordiality I have seen nowhere else in the world. The 3 colors in its flag representing its three religious ethnicities, united as one. You can feel this unity and it’s inspiring; the world can learn a lot from this small island nation. 🇱🇰 @mena_shootz 📸

Bliss is cruising in an #aircooledvw on a giant rock in the middle of the ocean. Hawaii is always a good idea🌺 @mena_shootz 📸

The hills have music for those who listen 🏜

The best is yet to come ☀️🚐 🌴#vanlife @ramaroundtheworld 📸

Christmas Stogie 💨🎄🐪Stay Merry y’all 🤙🏽 @mena_shootz 📸

Shoutout to the time we spent a month riding motorbikes through Vietnam. Shoutout to @mena_shootz for capturing some of these gems. Shoutout to Beer Hanoi. Shoutout to all the motorbike mechanics, not all hero’s wear capes. Shoutout to torrential downpours. Shoutout to street-side Bahn Mi’s. Shoutout to our really stinky feet. Shoutout to the Sleeper-Bus that ran us off the road. Shoutout to The Weeknd. Shoutout to Beer Hanoi. Shoutout to only crashing once. Shoutout to not getting arrested. And Shoutout to Ramez’s bike The Dong Digger for being forever broken.
Shoutout to Vietnam 🇻🇳 ✌🏽 Miss ya #sexyegyptianswandering

The Arabic word for Storm is ‘Asifa’. What do you get when 11 Egyptians go frolicking through Cost Rica? #Asifarica2017 🌴 This is my family. We are crazy. I wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤️🐪

With the van being grounded for a past few weeks; it feels amazing to get her back on the open road🌄#vanlife

🔥Album drops next Spring🔥 #squadgoals

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