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Allan Amato  NEW BOOK SERAPH Available for pre-order at

"Let me show you one tiny spot of the beauty that cannot be spoken." The luminous @pulpfictionally

Some amazing gestures by @therealthatpolishguy of @amandapalmer for the Seraph Ltd edition books. These two inexorable talents always make for exceptional art, and I'm so grateful I get to collaborate with either, never mind both! #seraphbook

One of my favorite models, perennial muse @theaprilflores

The glorious @jeffreestar sporting @motheroflondon_official gear

The ferocious @cupcakedujour

When a model surprises you with a courageous and ornate leap through the air, your only job is to point the camera and hope your @profotoglobal D2s are up to the task... the gracefully grand @arya_in_wonderland

These two stepped out from the facade of an ancient Greek amphora, and I was lucky enough to have my camera in my hand. @cupcakedujour and @tea.beez . #fitnessmodel

The glorious who is very indulgent in regards to my constant portrait badgering.

I love how oddly terrifying @foxy_locksy looks. I keep backing slowly away from my iPhone...

I feel like @candyken69 comes from an alternate future universe that somehow occupies the opposing pole of Mad Max in every way. Everyone drives flying cotton candy cars, @rupaulofficial is the US president, glitter is a mandatory accessory and politicians have naked pillow fights to resolve policy issues. Thanks @baconbootyy for organizing and participating in this amazing collaboration, more glorious nonsense to follow.

The celestial Saida.

Like something out of Neil Jordan's "Interview"... woefully bewitching @caseycalvert

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