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Allana Ferguson  BE THE EXCEPTION✨ Management: @thefordhamcompany

Hiding... 🌴😎

‘I’m a cooooool mum’ 👟 @adidasau @yeezyboosts
As impatient as I am to meet our little human, down time with the fam is a pretty special way to spend it ✨

Side note...yes I pinched Guy’s shirt because I officially don’t fit into anything I own 😂

Freshhhhies 😎✌🏼

Doing anything I can to get this baby outta my belly and in my arms 😏👶🏼 Surely sandhills will do the trick...

Not too long before we dropped the 💣 😏

My beautiful husband, how lucky am I 😌
Thank you to our families for creating the best baby bbq imaginable & to our closest friends for celebrating our little life that’s about to join us ✨
Our faces this morning are still a spitting image of this!

I’d really like to help some of you get ready for this season of sport 🏉⚽️🏐 I know how expensive it can be to buy all the gear, plus regos and for those with multiple kids it’s just a nightmare so hopefully I can make this time a little easier for as many of you as possible.
If you know of anyone that would like a kick start with gear and this would really make a difference to please let them know for me.
Send me a DM & let me know how I can help - I’d love to hear about what sports you’re excited to rip into this season and also follow your journeys.
Boots & Runners are probably the most costly items and ones I can certainly help with - I am a women’s 8 but wear men’s 7 if that helps at all, and if there’s any other gear please let me know and I’ll do my best 🤞🏼✨
I’ll check my DM’s early next week & get back to you 💛

Back to our old tricks 👩‍👧‍👧

Trying to speed the last few weeks up 😏 ⌛️

Spent the day copping feet & elbows to the ribs while @louiserichmond_hair gave me a fresh cut, colour and braids - far out I love it but we are pretty excited for you to come & play soon pleaseeeee 👶🏼

The simple life ✨
Days are filled with my favourite people, plenty of naps & feeling weightless in any water I can find 😅

🥵 this heatwave got me hook, line & sinker

I received such a crazy amount of beautiful messages from my story this morning 🤯 Firstly thank youuuu, but secondly it made me realise how powerful social media can be in the most positive ways if we choose to do so, so I’ll try and be honest more often.
Of course there are always crappy days, hard times and some butt ugly scenarios but I was raised to focus on the positives & to make the most of every situation.
We always have something to be grateful for & it’s important to keep people that remind us of those things close ✨
At the moment I’m grateful for this; sharing my body with our growing little miracle.
When I did my knee for the last time and my footy career had to end, it was the fact that in all other aspects I was still healthy and I could still walk.
When I lost my pop, it was that I had him so close & at so many milestone moments for so long.
Whatever it’s been, and as hard as times have been, the people I keep close are the ones who have got me through & helped me refocuse towards something positive. The little things really don’t matter. The imperfections we see in ourselves, the money we spend on material stuff, what others might think or say about us. It’s all about how we feel & the people we surround ourselves with to enjoy this life with 💫
Find people who make you a better person, who you constantly learn from & who you can laugh with until your belly hurts - I have, and it’s why I feel so lucky everyday regardless of the speed bumps along the way. •
Double upload because I love my girl’s words ✨🙌🏽

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