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Happiness in its true form. Even though Levi was actually very cranky during this photoshoot. Dress and matching romper by the amazing, @mienstudios. Photography and patience by my dear friend, @neekmason. Edited with her #neekmasonpresets

Well, Levi successfully avoided having to undergo a surgical operation on his giant head this morning. A year ago, we discovered a number of small nodules at the crown of his hairline. We saw a neurosurgeon who was puzzled by Levi’s condition and suggested that he do a biopsy to determine whether or not the lumps were benign. For weeks, I was troubled by this news and the feeling of being confused and scared numbed me. The holidays were spent dreading his surgery date because he caught the flu and was suffering from lethargy, high fever, and severe congestion. We woke up this morning and reluctantly decided to take him to the hospital for the biopsy. My heart raced as the doctor wrapped his hands around Levi’s head to determine which of the lumps he was going to remove. His look of concern changed to bewilderment as he confirmed that out of the five lumps he had previously discovered, none of them were present at the time of his pre-op. A wave of relief washed over me when he said he would cancel the surgery and just keep him monitored from here on out. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping that whatever happens, Levi will be spared from future complications.
For those of you who were so sweet and thoughtful with your responses to my story - THANK YOU for the love and support. Our little family is humbled by this community of friends and acquaintances, both near and far. 💕

Priscilla + Kevin

In these quiet, post-Christmas days, I’m prepping for 2018 and feeling honored to be shooting a handful of weddings next year. I never thought I’d be as bold or brave enough to have my own small (actually, tiny) business. I have so many passions that it’s hard to keep track of my weekly schedule, but every photo opportunity I get is extremely exciting because I’m pushed to create, learn, and bond with others. So, THANK YOU to all of my 2017 clients and my future couples for opening yourselves up to me, telling me your stories, driving hours outside of the city to hike mountains, walk through forests and high deserts in the freezing cold - just to chase the light with me. I’m grateful for all of the chances I had to capture the raw, honest, & silly kind of love, and I can’t wait to continue doing so next year.

This boy was so spoiled for Christmas. I’m grateful for all of the unconditional love shown to him by his grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Our tribe is so loving and wonderful. Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you have a cheerful holiday with your loved ones 💕

Well, here we are. Two years later and I still can’t believe I have a curly-haired little boy named Levi. No matter how hard parenting may get, I cannot imagine my life without him. Everyday I’m gifted with his smile, his goofy laugh, his “besitos” 💋 and his sweet snuggles before bed. Sometimes, Justin and I look at him and we tear up at fact that this kid is OURS. Like - how on earth did we end up so lucky?? I’ll be honest, Levi drives us crazy when we’re trying to binge-watch The Handmaid’s Tale or when we’re out on a dinner date and he’s squirming so much that we can’t even have a conversation - let alone eat an entire meal in one sitting. But at the end of the day, we’re grateful for his ability to teach us about patience and humility. Year TWO will be another adventure and we’re so fortunate to watch him grow up. Happy birthday, cariño. I love you 💕

My sweet (but crazy) toddler and I had a mini photoshoot to showcase the most darling mommy & me rompers by @mienstudios. The morning consisted of Levi face planting into the dirt and me trying so desperately not to spill coffee all over myself. My patient husband took the photos while our dog was off running around somewhere harassing the other hikers. 🙌🏼

Celebrating my wedding anniversary by working and studying for midterms. Of course, it’s not the most ideal way to celebrate, but it’s a prime example of how supportive and loving my husband is. He doesn’t care if I have to hustle day in and day out, hardly ever getting the chance to stock up on groceries or cook dinner. And even after a long day of work and a 3-hour round trip commute in LA-traffic, he still manages to come home with a smile on his face. We have grown and adapted to many life changes together, and I don’t know where I’d be without him.
Today also happens to be one of sadness and contempt for the tragedy in Las Vegas. The thought of losing my family is a constant dread that looms over me. My heart goes out to those who have had their loved ones unfairly taken from them. Let this be a reminder for us all to hold onto those we love and to show empathy and support for those around us who are suffering. 💓

If you know me well, you probably already know that I like coffee. And I mean, really REALLY like coffee. So in celebration of International Coffee Day, I met up with @lisa_hsieh_ of @mienstudios who treated me to a cortado at Steelhead Coffee in Long Beach. We had never met before today, but it was great getting to chat with a fellow mama who is creating beautiful clothing that’s sustainable and eco-friendly. I went home slightly jittery from the espresso, BUT mostly inspired, driven, and thrilled to be working with local creatives who are making a sustainable impact in the world of fashion & design. Stay tuned for my collaboration with Lisa!

Happy birthday to my love, @justincefai. Thanks for keeping a roof over our head, for being the BEST dad to Levi + Walter, and for motivating and supporting me in everything I do. I can’t imagine this world without you, or the amazing breakfast sandwiches you make for us on the weekends. 💓

Happy birthday to this stunner! Jenn, I’m so thankful for our friendship. It’s been amazing watching you succeed in everything you do!💓

One of my favorites from this year’s wedding season. I’ve been lucky to partner up with my good friend, @damericano. Shooting alongside him is a reminder that work can be extremely rewarding. When I look at this photo, I tell myself that my purpose is to capture the human experience. I don’t need to stress out about the process & challenges of running a business, I just have to make memories last for other people.

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