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Hope you all have a great Saturday💓

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you have a great day💓

Throwback of Derick and Israel💟

One last picture from Jinger's wedding💟 Goodnight everyone!

Can't believe he's been 1 for almost a month:) 💟

Good morning everyone, I hope you have a good Saturday💓

Aw I can't believe Brooklyn is over a month old😍 goodnight everyone💓

Sorry for not posting in awhile, I hope you all have a good night:) 💓

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but everyone make sure to go wish @dazzlingduggars happy birthday💟 happy birthday, lar bear 💙's u!!!! Hop u hav a gud day, xoxoxo lar bear/zowe💓💓

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks:/ Like I said in my last post, I wasn't on social media much because my grandma passed away a few weeks ago and we were always visiting her, staying with her, ect, but I I won't be on again for awhile now either. My other grandma, on my other side of the family, was diagnosed with cancer last year, but now she isn't doing well and is only expected to live 1-4 more weeks. She lives a while away so I can't visit her a lot but I won't be posting when I have to go there for the funeral, ect. Anyways, I just wanted to ask for more prayers that she can get pass away pain free and peacefully💓 Sorry that so much has been coming up lately, God bless💟

Hi everyone, I just wanted to post really quickly because I haven't been on any social media in awhile and I probably won't be for awhile. My grandma has had health issues her whole life but last week she was admitted in the hospital for many different things, and right now she is comatose and we don't really know how much time she has left so I've been with her at the hospital all week. I just thought I would post and ask for some of you to pray for her and pray that she has no pain, the doctors are giving her the most pain medicine they can but she's in a lot of pain, so please pray that she can pass away peacefully and without any pain:) thank you💟

Hi everyone, sorry for the really old picture, I didn't have time to look through a bunch of new ones. 😂 Anyways, I won't be able to be on today because I'm going to the Mall Of America and to my cousins house, but I'll try to post tomorrow morning:)

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