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mooooods🥵  dm me for promo📥

how did i do on my first mood edit?🌚(watch my story)
song: shh by young fanatic

is that a lamp? omg🤣
(watch my story)

what grade y’all in? im in 8th.🌚
(watch my story)

this video is so iconic🥵
(watch my story)

what’s something you never told your parents?🌚
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I’m getting braces soon🥶anything I should know?😩
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mood for this week🤪
Vc: @bhaddgalz

i remember this challenge on musically OMG💀
(watch my story)

If your bestfriend and gf/bf get in an argument who side you on?🤨

ok but why @ school🙄

how y’all feel about 21 savage being deported?🥵

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