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alyssa jones  photographer ╳ videographer i am making my life a work of art

double post... but i can’t express into words how proud i am of you. seeing you on stage at lollapalooza was the craziest thing because i know this is everything you’ve been working for. you work so hard every single day towards your goals and giving up never crosses your mind. i am the luckiest girl to be by your side watching you turn your dreams into reality. 🖤

my daniel caesar singing partner 🌹

young donna sheridan looking into those angel eyes 🌙

Lately i’ve been struggling with my sense of self — being a female business owner in a predominantly male career has caught me in questioning myself and my talent. I’ve recently started to refocus... I truly believe we, no matter gender or color, are all pieces of God and when we all come together as one we are God. However this video is for my sisters in this ethereal and mysterious life. I hope you’re on a path that encourages you to embrace your body, sexuality, thoughts, voice, beauty, and self. I hope you love yourself, food, nature, a good book, someone else, and every breath you take. U keep me going. Women are the light. We are the universe, we are all pieces of God. andddd i can’t wait to break my glass ceiling 🤞🏼 thank you to ariana grande for the anthem and this cute videographer @thedean0195

video coming soon

he says i’m his favorite flavor

God is a woman


we go on forever, cos we the people - grapes of wrath

my full time baby ♡ 📸 @dani.sivak

everything you want is on the other side of fear

passionately curious

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