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ALKIMI  Skincare, simplified.✖️ The harmony of purpose and formula.

#IGTOPSHELFIE from our founder @roadtoglow featuring The Facial Oil. 💧💚

Our ultra-soothing, antioxidant rich Facial Oil is our BFF after accidental excessive sun exposure. 🌞 Nutrient dense with essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, phytonutrients and brightening Vitamin A and C, the Facial Oil restores skin’s vibrancy and vitality. 💦

That dew though. 💧
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Take the day off with our Cleansing Melt; a unique balm-to-milk formula that soothes and restores balance after pollutant exposure with a propriety blend of Hemp Seed, Cucumber and Camellia Seed Oils. The Cleansing Melt rinses clean, but never leaves a stripped canvas. 💚

Our Cleansing Melt is in good company! Have you tried it yet? 💚 📸 @orchidsandpeonies

Today’s #TuesdayTip - With heat and humidity on the rise, many of us start to avoid heavy or emollient creams in fear of excess oil production and/or breakouts. In summer, we recommend mixing a few drops of a light, absorbent facial oil with a serum rich in humectants (hyaluronic acid, glycerin, sodium PCA) to seal the deal, preventing transepidermal water loss without it feeling too occlusive. Less is more with facial oils - skin should feel balanced, not oily after application. Happy Tuesday! 🍹🌤

Today is a R&D day at the office! Researching, refining product briefs and testing exciting formulas to bring to you! What would you love to see in your skincare routine?
Happy Monday! 💚

The Cleansing Melt has officially arrived! (We’re sorry to have kept you waiting! 😛)
Designed as the first step of your skincare ritual, Cleansing Melt is a unique balm-to-milk cleansing formula that effortlessly removes makeup and daily impurities without stripping the skin of its protective moisturising factors. Hemp and Camellia work to gently cleanse and decongest, whilst a proprietary blend of Sacha Inchi, Blueberry, Perilla and Borage Seed Oils soothe the skin, offering immediate relief against the environmental stressors of city dwellers. Cleansing Melt rinses completely clean, leaving a perfectly balanced canvas for the following steps in your skincare ritual.
Available on our website now. Link in our bio. 💚 #CleansingMelt

The gangs all here! 💚

When I first launched our facial oil, a friend asked me: “Is this just for women?”. I was taken aback. He loved skincare. Had we failed at being inclusive? Were we exclusive to women? I thought about this question for many months and in turn, about the industry and its gender-specific product development and marketing. The industries’ concept of gender is, unfortunately, parallel to societal ideas of masculinity and gender ‘norms’. Somehow, self-improvement relating to one's appearance is feminine, or vain. There are hidden ‘rules’ on aesthetic/colours (green, blue, grey) for brands/products targeted at men, forced ideas of what and how many products a man should use. Whilst men do have thicker skin, more facial hair and (potentially) higher sebum production due to androgenic activity, skin is skin. We benefit from the same ingredients, we all need sun protection, we all need a gentle cleanser. Skincare should not be determined by sex, but by skin type and conditions.
I decided to overhaul the brand aesthetic and strip the line of product names, colour and marketing - the products only represented by roman numerals that communicate the order of application of each product. There were times throughout this process that I felt conflicted; was I enforcing these ideals myself, by omitting certain colours or phrases? But I realised that, for me, it was crucial that EVERY person felt comfortable using or displaying our products, regardless of their own beliefs around gender. It was equally important that the non-binary nature of our products was subtle, not ‘trendy’ and not a marketing tactic. Instead, a nod to say ‘hey, we represent you too.’ 💚
. 📸 @casperkofi

Friday is just around the corner, as is our full release of the #CleansingMelt! 📸 @thewayofthesnail

Is cleansing your favourite step in your routine too? 📸 @fionas50life #ALKIMI #CleansingMelt

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