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My all ❤️... My blessings...❤️ My daughters ❤️❤️❤️.
How many blessings do you count? #countyourblessings

❤️ Janeman ❤️

The best advice my sister gave me is: friends will come and go, but we will always have each other, we are sisters Marya ❤️. Little Alayna, I promise you that I will be your best friend. Just like Aliza is mine. I will learn you how to fly when you’ll forget that you have wings. I will be watching over you with Aliza. You’ve been sent for me, to fill my heart with all the naughty and cute stuff that you do 😍❤️. There was a time that I used to make Aliza smile and it made me happy! And then you came to make me smile! No one walking on the face of this earth can ever replace my Aliza 😢, but you my little baby Alayna were sent to heal a broken heart with your innocent smile .... Your sisters love you ❤️ Aliza, Marya & Alayna forever ❤️

#Repost @kamal_raja the wait is over 😍😍😍😍 Love this song Kami!!!! Ayo!!

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Get well soon little bro @kamal_raja 💕 😘 #brothersisterlove May the Almighty always safeguard you! ameen 🙏

Makeup on fleek baby just like @hudabeauty 👌🏼👌🏼 @kamal_raja ❤️ Coming Soon

#Memories ❤️😔

Worth to read.... #ChildLoss

Child loss can take many forms.

Child loss It’s been lying in bed all day or hearing a song on the radio that brings you to tears. Child loss is waking up in the middle of the night thinking you hear her crying for you.

Or finding one of her toys in a box and hiding it again somewhere else because you don’t want anyone to touch it. It means having Ziplock bags neatly lined up in the bottom drawer in your nightstand. Inside the bags you have the pajamas she slept in the night before she was called back, hoping that one day you’ll take them out and they might still smell like her. It’s being too afraid to ever actually open up those Ziplock bags for fear of being broken when they don’t smell like her.

Child loss means seeing other children who are the age she should be. It’s meeting another little girl with her name and getting so emotional.

Child loss is looking over at your partner and seeing tears form in his eyes when you talk about her. Child loss is knowing others are walking on eggshells around you, so they won’t upset you or bring you heartache. Child loss is talking about her whenever you can with other people and ending up with heartache because of it. It’s feeling guilty when you buy something for your living child and not for the one you lost. It’s then turning around and buying something you can bring to her garden.

Child loss is not being able to drive on a certain road because you went that way when you raced a billion times to the hospital. It’s seeing a little girl who looks so much like her and trying hard not to stare.

It’s the sound of your own sobs as people speak about your child in past tense.

Sometimes Child loss is holding my daughter when she comes running to me, with tears streaming down her face. I try not to cry as she wails for her sister and tells me how much she misses her. Child loss is grieving for more than just you. It’s parenting and loss and heartache and memories and longing for what should have been.

It is the worst thing I’ll ever experience, but it looks like something you would do all over again, for a moment with your child 😢❤️.

Alhamdulillah my little Marya Insha read her first Quran. As she says ‘the first Ameen is for Aliza, the second Ameen is for myself’. #Emotional 😢❤️

The girls having a dress-up party & fun @wearevintagenl 👌🏼! Marya & Jannat

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