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AliyahLeshae  model at @nymmg • expressionist • i’ve also been in cosmo, buzzfeed, blanck mag, teen vogue, ask me for the rest • odu

It’s almost homecoming BIHHHH 💙👣

✨ Golden hour is the best hour ✨

Ps. I really miss my braids 🤧

•My Guide to Clear Skin•
The winter months are coming up and it’s important to keep your skin moisturized and cleansed to avoid itchy, red, and irritated skin. This is a battle for many of us who struggle to find the perfect solution without spending a TON of money... I mean girl have you seen my natural hair products??? So here is my skin routine.
1. Cleanse your skin with an exfoliating or detoxifying kind of cleanser. I use the Biore Baking Powder Cleanser which is for combination skin and it works perfect.
2. Acne blemish pads: I use Nozemia Pads to fight acne because lemme tell you I break tf out... but remember these pads do dry your skin out so you need a moisturizer
3. MOISTURIZE: I actually moisturize using different things each day. I use grape seed oil for light days, pure Shea butter to sleep in so I can have a smooth even face, and when I am out and about and need moisture I use Aveeno Daily Moisture Cream. •
What’s your skin routine? Comment below some tips and tricks for someone 🎈

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Not feeling adequate enough to post as a model is a scary thing.. and honestly I have been feeling this way. I admit I used to go on here and feel like every model was doing better than me in some capacity. However, I realized I am the only me there is... and the world needs to see that. Thank you for a 16k and rocking with me this far 💙 ✨

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So I am so trash when it comes to clogs but have you checked me out on my IGTV??? Peep out my cringeworthy awkwardness and goofiness rolled into one

October 3rd; “ once you stop fantasizing about that ideal version of yourself and start working towards becoming that person by setting your alarm clock earlier and actually going to the gym and actually volunteering at places and actually eating healthier and not procrastinating and working just a little bit harder you’ll realize that it was so easy all along. becoming your ideal self will only ever exist in your mind until you make the decision to work towards becoming that person. “

Naomi Campbell‘s protège

riding around with my hair a mess...

.... at this moment is when I knew I am ticklish on my eyelid😣; ps: going to start getting into the BTS of all my shoots and other fun semi cool stuff I do soon I might annoy you but hey it’s my page

Who said I can’t rock blue? 💙

Does anyone have a problem where you pick out your hair too much and then it’s like ruined almost ... fml the 4A struggle


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