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Alex Damiani

we didn't get tickets to infinity mirrors but still had fun 🙃

bitch, it's not even 7

p tired.

juno keeps asking me if we can move here

another photo of me and juno on a beach

two gays and a girl

my wonderful team threw me a party and invited all my friends that will also be 31 this year, so that's p cool

tinder changed my age from 30 to 31 at least two hours early last night and if that's not the most depressing thing you've heard yet in 2017 then text me, i have more.

i'm totally fine but look how bad ass my morning was

this is the best thing i've ever posted so it's worth watching. i asked my boss if my insta story was annoying, she asked her husband 🤣

i've been good this year 🤔