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Alix Blüh  I am a jeweler, designer and shop/gallery owner of #modernrelicssf , San Francisco. Also find me teaching on @creativebug

I am reposting this for #showmeyourseptembersnakes because it’s one of my favorite snake pieces that I designed. This is the bronze and sterling version with blk diamond eyes. DM for price. Perfect Fall cuff. #alixbluhjewelry #sustainablemetalsmithing #mixedmetals #snakejewelry #sfdesigner #sfjeweler #modernrelicssf

Taking a pole: my client is very diamond shy, this is her Grandmother’s set with my rose cut Pebble ring ( her personal collection) she thinks it’s too much. I’m thinking it’s absolutely stunning! But then, I am NOT diamond bit #oldminecut #alixbluhjewelry @jolesofalljoles

My adorable Mom sent me this clip from The New Yorker magazine. She thought that it must be a cartoon of me because I always wear a fedora! 😜 I think I saw some other jeweler post it. It is funny. The reality is, even when I am not “designing “ jewelry, it’s always on my mind, so in theory, no, I never stop. You guys agree, right ? The wheels never stop spinning. #jewelryobsessed #jewelrydesigner #neverstopdesigning

I bought some super juicy Tourmaline and Emerald slices and rose cuts to help me get excited to be back in the studio after substantial recovery from my illness. Nothing gets me more pumped up than those bright colors. Working on some simple traditional gallery prong setting in 14k gold. Stay tuned.
#recycledgold #tourmaline #emerald #benchmess #jewelrydesign #sfdesigner #sfjewelerydesigner #alixbluhjewelry

“I’m being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow, moon shadow “
Diamond crescent with little 18k diamond stars on gold and sterling chains. Available at the shop or DM. #alixbluhjewelry #sfdesigner #mixedmetals #diamondmoon #rosecutdiamonds #jewelrydesigner #luxjewels #jewelerydesign

#tbt to that #gemgossipjewelbox I have been walking slow through these days as I have hit a bit of a plateau with my Shingles recovery. I’m still lingering in a milder stage of the virus that seems to be rather tenacious. So, jewelry work is very slow, if at all. Mostly I spend my time gathering my nutrition, prepping crazy healthy meals, juicing, taking supplements and walking my dog. Then reading or watching films. This grey summer has been a misery to remember 😢 I am really hoping to spend a month in October but am worried about if my aging dog can make the trip with me. I don’t want to leave him behind. #oneslowdayatatime #shinglessuck #patience

This book is one of my most coveted possessions. I use it as a prop for pics all the time. The way it was written, the language! All in an effort to teach young men how to become great men. Just read the second paragraph on the second picture. #oldbook #antiquebook #loveoldbooks

This is my Moto for now and until we are finally rid of the crazy shit storm that is a malignancy in our White House. “ PERSIST” still supporting Planned Parenthood with 50% of the sale of these charms. If you prefer another donation let me know. Persist in your health, joy, humor, creativity, integrity, knowledge, spiritual growth, kindness, compassion, community.
Keep on the good fight, what ever it be. #silversunday #persist #dumptrump #plannedparenthood #alixbluhjewelry #sfjeweler #resist

Ruby star cuffs. These stackable cuffs go with everything!!! Rubies are such amazing stones, my second favorite after Tourmaline. Regal, vibrant and commanding of joy 💕. #alixbluhjewelry #rubies #armor #dailywearjewellery #cuffs #sustainablemetalsmithing #recycledsilver #sfjeweler #sfdesigner

One of a kind. Chunky Emerald in 14k gold post earring. On a very positive note, I am getting better very rapidly ( it’s been about a month, the very worst of the virus lasted about 2 weeks) I was told it could last 2-6 months. Ha, not when you go full warrior and pound incredible amounts of immune supporting vitamins and take herbal antivirals AND drink fresh squeezed celery juice and orange juice and eat the most nutritious vegan only food daily. It was an hour by hour assault on this virus. Once I realized what my foe was, after a year of painful joints, nerve pain and migraines coming and going after my first, minor Shingles attack , I was so over this bitch taking me down. I also will continue to fight it for at least another year until it’s no longer ghosting in my system. I give all the credit to @medicalmedium and to @sacredmoonadornments for sending me to Anthony! Anyone who needs to heal from chronic ailments, look no further than Anthony William #onthemend #survivingshingles #sfjeweler #alixbluhjewelry #sfdesigner #sfart

Nothing wards off bad joo joo like armor with Tourmaline!! Band up !! Diamonds are for back up.
#alixbluhjewelry #tourmaline #jewelerydesigner #sfdesigner #silvercuffs #sustainablemetalsmithing #recycledsilver #gypsyset #modernrelicssf

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