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Daydreams made real the more I heal. 📸@avn

I’m learning to love myself in all my phases. Our bodies have phases. Our mind have phases. Our emotions have phases…Everything about us, this world, life itself, is constantly moving and I am allowing myself to move with it.
Fear is flaking off of me… Shame is falling off my shoulders… Love is oozing out of me. 
I am in a constant state of I am. Allowing myself to move and feel what it is I feel, free of control, free of judgement. 
I’m learning to love myself when my hair is curled and gnarled and full. Full of the forest, full of the the body of this world. Just as much as when I take the brush to the abundant tangles and afterwards my hair lies flat, soft, the body has waned, the waves and the forest sitting in my brush. I’m allowing myself to love my tummy just as much when she is sculpted and oblique, taking light into the curves of her muscles… As when she is fuller, full of food, full of love, full of the monthly menstrual blood that blesses my center every month. I’m receiving love when just a sliver of my light is showing, darkness claiming the rest like the rich soil needed for any growth. From myself, from others. 
The moon has many phases. And so do you. Each one is absolutely, incredibly beautiful. Move through contrast with this deep knowing. Feel this. You are always whole. The moon has many phases.

Truth over fame. Use my flame, to change the game. Authenticity has no lane.

“The body is a game fuck the games fuck the fame I am the controller”

a certain je ne sais quoi

Metamorphosis. @minscapes


Peep my metaphysical penis lurking in the shadows 📸 @charliehimmelstein edited by @chloecult

“Oh I’m just a girl who’s intentions are good, oh lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood”

Sun Child.

I live for sand in my sheets and late nights that put circles under my eyes and sparks in my soul. For people who genuinely care about me, and themselves. For people who are filled with depth and substance and honor. I live for laughing so hard my stomach hurts. For loving with everything I have and refusing to let this world make me bitter and mean, but never letting it walk on me.

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