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Alison Wadsworth  It's like you’re unraveling a big cable knit sweater that someone keeps knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting!

Lucas vs. the rattlesnake 🐍 (neighbor chopped its head off with a shovel)

Opening day was πŸ‘Œ WAY TO GOOOO πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #season4 @clairewadsworth @chefnikkihill @lacopinekitchen @phx_bird @mollybellamoore @fire__horse

I love my little casita πŸ’•

So I took a little while to collect myself while packing up, shipping my shit, saying quick frantic goodbyes and flying out to California. Got here on Monday and took a few more days to allow myself to just be, no real internet shit except for a little bachelor in paradise CAUSE LETS BE REAL. It's hard to do that sometimes. This new life I'm out here in search of is gonna take a little time. I'm in the process of moving into my adorable tiny little casita, and the fears of living all alone in the middle of a very dark desert (right down the street from my sisters haha) filled with pokey plants and scary creatures and knowing I have to face myself like I've never had to before has gotten overwhelming at times, but the excitement for becoming a strong self-sufficient desert woman is propelling me to forge ahead. I haven't ventured far from my sisters comfy compound yet, I'm taking advantage of the quiet and resting and thinking and writing and eating. I'll wander around soon enough once I feel like I can stand a little better. Leaving such a glorious life to start a completely new glorious life at square one can take it out of you. And I'm trying to do it right this time. Take it eeeeaaaaaaaasy. And im just so lucky to have the support of @clairewadsworth and @chefnikkihill in this strange phase of my life.
When I was on my layover in Phoenix, my friends @sniwyekim and @kirbysybert sent me this video. I had no idea it was even being made. I sat in the airport bar crying my eyes out. Everyone must have thought I was insane!!! This video made me feel so many things. The phenomenal force of love and support at my goodbye show and this video completely overwhelmed me. I think that's why I'm taking this time to sit still and appreciate the beauty and love all around me. I know I'm gonna miss my friends and my boyfriend like crazy. But All of this validates everything I'm doing right now. God I love all of you. I love love. And I'm so happy to be here.
I can do this. I WILL do this. It's just gonna take a little time.

I cried more last night than I have in a while. Listening to all of you made my heart break over and over again. Thank you forever and ever. And luckily @keatonthandi captured this amazing moment. I had no idea he was filming me. I've never had anyone cover a song that I WROTE. It was an insane feeling you guys. I can't even describe it. And watch out for @ohhgabrielle philadelphia, she's a star!!!! #downintexas #fergiesopenmic #iloveyoutilthedayidie @fergiesphilly @ridiculousfantastic

I am moving out to the mojave desert in a couple weeks and can only ship small items to myself... so EVERYTHING that I have accrued from 15 years in philly MUST GO!!!!! I live on a teeny tiny street so we'll be taking over the block having some cocktails and eating pizza. I also have some friends who will be able to deliver large items for a reasonable fee!! Come buy some of my glorious crap or just come and say bye and have a beer.
Here are some of the items up for sale: -2 couches
-folding secretary desk hutch
-antique round dining table with folding eaves (and can also open to add leaves but I they didn't come with the table when I bought it) -large outdoor IKEA table and chairs -small outdoor IKEA table and chairs
-wooden IKEA outdoor storage bench
-gas grill
-Many side tables
-vanity with mirror -crazy lamps -2 beautiful velvet swivel chairs
-sturdy kitchen island butcher block from ikea -brand new White huge IKEA dresser -weird art and frames and paintings
-mirrors -bookshelves
-musical instruments and a PA plus one speaker
-kitchen stuff: pots, pans, plates, glasses, appliances, etc
-3 ottomans
-huge rattan storage chest
-so many clothes: size 8.5 women's shoes, and size small-XXL women's clothes, plus some men's clothes. -random strange knick knacks -art supplies
-gardening supplies, outdoor and indoor pots
-hammock and stand
-so much more!!!!!! Also I'm still deciding about a few things and i bet I'm forgetting many other things so more additions will be added last minute I'M SURE.
Alsooooo if you're looking to sell any of your shit too, holler! We can make it a flea market!
I'll try and post picture of some of the items in advance but it depends on my level of craziness in the next few days πŸ˜‚

Surprise, suprise!!! My NEW SINGLE #DOWNINTEXAS is up on Spotify!!!!!!! CHECK IT OUUUUUT!!!! We recorded almost the whole thing live in Philly. Big smooches to @guitarsalad and @joshuahaaron for producing and recording and to my love @bernadette_rickenbacker for setting the whole thing up and CRUSHING BASS. And to my always amazing band will, @keatonthandi @itcanonlybejared @leveedrivers @ridiculousfantastic @vlwinters LOVE YOU FOREVER 😍Studio photo by my buddy @kirbysybert

Last night was everything. Looking out and seeing all of my favorite faces looking back at me was one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt. I can't even begin to tell you all how much it meant to me. This is a small start. All of your messages and posts have made me 😭 and 😊 and πŸ˜‚ and I will get to each and every one of them. Right now though I'm taking on a much needed couch sesh with garbage tv and my sister before packing hell commences tomorrow. I love you all dearly. And thanks for all the lovely lovely photos and videos. Keep em coming!!!!!!

taking shelter under the 🌈 😳

@lowcutconnie fan club waiting patiently to see our babies to be on @latenightseth !!!!!!!!!!!!!

SET YOUR DVRS YALL, baby's gonna be on TV tonight!!!!!! Check out the amazing @lowcutconnie on SETH MYERS AT 12:35am!!!!!!! I'm gonna go watch at a bar if anyone wants to join me. Art by @zonisgod

πŸ’•Love my Vermont family and the big beautiful families they have made πŸ’•

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