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Alexandra  Twitter:@alitoo1208 Snapchat: alitoo1208 Tumblr:alitoo1208 (lol not my YouTube channel but still is 🔝🙄⤵️)

When life gives you strawberries,make wasn't like that,was it?


Daaaamn me!Back at it again with the photos in front of walls!Also,while the photo was taken i saw an ice cream truck in the distance..

I have no idea what @ivetaa8 was expecting from me when she agreed to a to try to look good in it...nah🙄😝

Really what am i doing with my life?..taking a pic of my feet..yup, but still-no accomplishments in life😒👀

Just realised i haven't posted a proper selfie for quite a long time👀...also new profile pic⬆️(cuz again my last one was from November😬🙄)

Photographer: anonymous...nah jk it was my mom😅🔫

Thinking about becoming a model and hiring @angelinaangelov as my photographer. Thoughts?🤔👀

Photographer( this time is a different one): @nadejda_georgiewa

The moment when you try to copy the cover of Conor Maynard's covers album. Should I be surprised that it didn't turned out as good as I thought it would? Photographer( it is always the same one): @angelinaangelov

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