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ALITHEA  a filipina's visual journey of some sort ❊ manila born, nyc based ✎

It's still possible, you know? To fall in love all over again. With someone else, with a place, and most importantly with yourself. Best believe it takes time but know that you'll eventually get there. 🤞🏼 Montreal, you've officially taken my heart. I'll leave it here so I have more reasons to come back. #TheaGoesAway | 📷: @thestreetsensei

Wake up feeling like this is a world you know you're strong enough to conquer. I'm in Montreal for the weekend, anyone from around here? ✨ (ps. thanks for all the recommendations!)

How beautiful is it that we are both raw and vulnerable? Malleable enough to be shaped into dreams we truly desire but strong enough to void us from breaking. Here's to us being imperfect, lost, yet all the more dazzling as can ever be. ✨

Sleeping in & taking that extra 15 minute shut-eye because I need to have a further reason to get past Mondays. Anyone else? 😴

It takes time to have that feeling of belongingness. Either it's a place, in someone's life, or finally knowing what you want to do in your life (hello, existential crisis). It took me 2 whole years to claim this city as my new home although I've yet to figure out a bunch of other stuff -- but I'm not losing hope. And so should you. 🤞🏼 #WeGotThis

The imperfections you think you bear are what make you uniquely & perfectly you. Baring it all for lingerie season. Thanks NYC for the sunshine and @intimissimiofficial for the extra sophisticated feel today. | 📷: @thestreetsensei #intimissimi #italianlingerie #insideandout #ad

An exact representation of how the midweek feels right now. I just want the weekend to come quicker. Who's with me? 🙋🏻

Once in a while, succumb to knowing that you really haven't figured it all out. Let's face it, we're all lost here & fumbling towards the future. The best part? It's when you don't give up that someday dream. It's far but not out of reach. ✨

Here's to the reinvention of you & the commitment of doing new things. ✨Finally got myself to doing a gallery wall in the living room after a year of having it bare. Took me a while to plan out this wall but these @desenio prints are just too good + I had some of @thestreetsensei's beautiful photos printed & framed as a birthday gift! Isn't it gorgeous?! ❤️

Live as if each day is a learning curve. Sit down, take notes, and above all be compassionate. ✨ Tuesday looking mighty fine from up here, you guys.

It's a new week to feel unimaginably alive and unstoppable. Okay Monday, come at me with your best. | 📷: @thestreetsensei

Went straight into Summer, ignoring Spring altogether. Not mad about it as long as I can still survive in layers, walk around for hours in NYC in these @kennethcole sneakers whilst being very very comfy, and bask in the glorious heat reminding me of back home 🇵🇭| 📷: @thestreetsensei #KennethCole #freaksforsneaks

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