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Matt Gajewski 

uneasy lies the head that wears a crown

@hypnocraft_ relaunch party was super fun. I own the exact same astronaut jumpsuit that @theillustriousblacks wear, but they look way better in it than I do.

I’ll be performing Briefly and Intermittently, a collection of ineffective love songs such as “(Chili’s Waitress) Our Love Is an Awesome Blossom,” at @rosycait528’s annual summer spectacular. Saturday at @freddysbrklyn, 7pm.

my two favorite recent releases are the new Neko Case album and @natalieprass’s The Future and the Past

@thehumseries puts on the best shows in NY. Great to finally see @thaogetstaydown and @mirahmusic play after hearing @androomagoo’s Japan tour stories (was that the one where you broke your hand right before the tour and made your own splint?)

it’s a nice day for a wet wedding - Billy Idol
congrats @amonovam and @tomclarkphoto

Stan (Remix)

@bendersblues took me to a show where the singer threw fruit at the audience a la @devinsmithwork at the Airship Rocketship Campari/Eva Mendes calendar launch of 2008 (although there were no monologues about time travel)

beach day

@tinagrowls rocking Cherub Rock

very intense pillow situation in this Melbourne Airbnb

Portrait of sister and crab

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