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Alison Lissemore  Flash - whippet - born 12/7/17 Jeff - yorkie-poo - born 7/9/07 approx

Slightly blurry but very autumnal shots of our lovely morning walk today. #whippetsofinstagram #yorkiepoo #autumnwalk

Twitchy toed whippet. Someone is super tired tonight!! #whippetsofinstagram #tiredwhippet #twitchytoes #sleepyhead

No idea how this is comfortable enough to sleep 😴😂🐾. #whippetsofinstagram #sleepywhippet

Gingerbread and cream latte at Costa. But what I really wanted was a Bonfire Hot Chocolate, to be told “we’ve stopped serving the bonfire drinks now to get ready for Christmas”. C’mon @costacoffee it’s not even Bonfire night yet and you’ve culled the Bonfire drinks!! #nothappy #costacoffee #bonfirehotchocolate #christmasinoctober

Flash feeling a bit bleurgh I think, he never normally curls up to sleep. Also Jeff is in the back garden barking at the cats, and he’s not gone to back her up, so I think he’s a bit tired and fed up. Vet said he’s doing well tho, dressing is off (he got about 10 stitches I think). 8 days til the stitches come out ☹️ #whippetsofinstagram #cryptoorchid #postop #tired

Off to the vets for a post op check up, he’s fine in himself,can tell he’s a bit sore but he’s just getting on with life. Wearing his @thetrendywhippet fleece so he looks like he’s having a pyjama day! #whippetsofinstagram #thelodgeveterinarycentre #pyjamaday #recoveringwell

This is the face of a whippet feeling truly sorry for himself. The missing testicle was in his abdomen, so he’s got a wound on the midline of his abdomen. Luckily it wasn’t in the inguinal canal so it could have been worse. 10 days til the stitches are out, no off lead walks til then , poor Flash ☹️. #whippetsofinstagram #poorlywhippet #cryptoorchid #thelodgeveterinarycentre

Our little trooper Flash is at the vets today for his castration, he is cryptoorchid (undescended testicle) and we don’t know yet how invasive the op was, it depends where the missing one was hiding! Just phoned the vets and he’s up and about already, what a little star. Picking him up at 5 when the vet will tell us about the op and recovery. Trying not to worry about our big whippet baby 😶😶. #whippetsofinstagram #cryptoorchid

Received my first order from @practicallyperfectscents today - the packaging is gorgeous, and the scents are to die for!! Currently melting #mainstreetbakery wax melt - my house smells amazing!! #waxmelts #practicallyperfectscents

I’m not going out in that rain!!! 😂. It’s throwing it down here, awful weather for whippets 🙄. #whippetsofinstagram #autumn #stormcallum #wetandwindy

Fab giveaway from @practicallyperfectscents when they get to 400 subs - so go on, subscribe! @kbl957 @lightweight_landy_76 @xlxtracyxlx Good luck everyone xx

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