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Alison Lissemore  Flash - whippet - born 12/7/17 Jeff - yorkie-poo - born 7/9/07 approx

Just finished this!! Thank you @charltaylor and #mamasbookclub for the suggestion! Thoroughly enjoyed this. I haven’t read much lately and am looking forward to more great ideas for my next read. #overdrive #readingonmyipad

Jeff is hogging the new bed and Flash literally did not know what to do with himself. Swipe right to see what he decided was best...😂😂😂🐾🐾🐾🤦🏻‍♀️. #littlebedhog #bedhog #yorkiepoo #whippetsofinstagram #igiveup

Flash looking VERY unsure about this new house collar thingy he’s been FORCED to wear because he’s decided he likes to go for a wander on his own...🙄🙄😂😂 . I think he looks super handsome in his new @charleychau house collar in orange peel (will try to get a better pic soon!). A big Thank You Charley Chau for fantastic super quick service when you heard we needed a house collar FAST. Thank you @fawkesthewhippet for the recommendation!

After three nights camping and two escape attempts in one day, this is now one very tired whippet 🙄🙄😂😂 #tiredwhippet #whippetsofinstagram #lovecamping

Advice please hound owners! Flash wears a martingale for walks, sometimes with a harness as shown here. At home he is naked! However he needs some sort of house collar - this morning at 5am he escaped from our tent, and went for a wander around a campsite, thankfully his absence was spotted quickly and he was quickly retrieved! Tonight, back home, he followed hubby out to put the bins out and we didn’t realise, a few minutes later hubby opened the back gate and Flash was stood there!! Thankfully no harm was done. What would you recommend as a house collar? Any suggestions? (Spring going on back gate so it closes behind us and tent bedrooms to be zipped at the top not the bottom to prevent more if the same!!)

This is why whippets don’t have fluffy tails. Because they look ridiculous 🙊. #whippetsofinstagram #fluffytail #daddyisteasingme #itsjustafluffytoy

Out for a nice steady walk today as it’s much cooler than it has been! #whippetsofinstagram #brindlewhippet #yorkiepoo

Happy 1st Birthday Flash!! Two new footballs and a box of homemade #pupcakes, what more could a whippet want 👍👍🎂🎂🥧. Happy Birthday to Flash’s siblings, Cindy @pristine63 Dewey @dewey_the_whippet, Clark @samboo84 Leonard @andrew74656 Rosie @r_cat89 and Bowie @kell_thompson73 and pup number 8 wherever you are (not an Insta-pup). Love also to @ellaandivythewhippets

Making #pupcakes for a certain someone’s 1st birthday tomorrow. Shhhh 🤫🙊🐕. #whippetsofinstagram #nearlyone #makingamessinthekitchen

When your whippet brings you a present. 🤢. I’m pretty sure he didn’t do the actual murdering himself but still...🤦🏻‍♀️. #whippetsofinstagram #isthathalfamouse #ohdeargodFlash

Soft top to hard top transfer complete - now the Lightweight has a lovely cat flap back for the dogs to peek out of! #series3 #landrover #lightweightlandrover #landroverdog #whippetsofinstagram #yorkiepoo

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