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Alissa  i have a contagious enthusiasm for Teaching & Yoga👩🏻‍🏫🧘‍♀️ #YogawithAlissa 🤟🏽 Alo Sponsored Athlete ⠀ 10 Essential Poses eBook FREE

Communicate sacredness; build it, share it and spread it. -Yogi Bhajan .

I’m happy to share three chances to join me for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation experience this weekend: .

Tonight 7pm Kundalini Sound Bath with @cosmiccurrents @yogajules_ at Brick Canvas Fitness in Lehi, Utah .

Tomorrow, Saturday 2pm Rebirth: A Spring Equinox Celebration led by @sade_sunshine ending with singing bowls by me at @theyogaunderground in Provo, Utah .

Tomorrow, Saturday 7pm Kundalini Sound Bath with @cosmiccurrents @yogajules_ at Sumits in South Jordan, Utah

Tomorrow is Day 6 of our #springintobalance yoga challenge and our pose is Warrior. I’ve given you four Warrior pose options here: Warrior I, 2, Reverse, and 3.
Please take your favorite one or your own variation! 💕

Check in with my beautiful cohosts, @victoria.arvizu and @robinmartinyoga for their Warriors tomorrow & don’t forget to tag our sponsor @aloyoga 💚 I’m wearing their Ripped Warrior Leggings—so appropriate for Warrior Pose! 🤗

P.S. Thanks for all the Yogis that have attended to my first classes @sumitsyogasouthjordan It’s been exciting to teach a new style and sequence. ❤️🔥 #ilovehotyoga

In this modern day age in this information 🍃
Too much complication over stimulation 🧘‍♀️
We need to ease the stress feel the situation 🌸
So I focused on my breath steady concentration 🌬

Steady the breath to steady the mind 🧠
Keep breathing till I feel that light shine ☀️
Breath deep, Deep breath 🌬 "Breathe Deep" lyrics by @mcyogi

Turn up the volume for instructions 💕💕💕 This is Day 4 of our #springintobalance IG Yoga Challenge. Make sure to check in with my awesome co-hosts @victoria.arvizu and @robinmartinyoga 💕 @robinmartinyoga is sharing Day 5. Tag our wonderful sponsor @aloyoga 💕 I’m practicing on my Warrior Mat by them. 💕

This beautiful daughter of mine. I was with my friend @yogajules_ today preparing for this weekend’s Sound Baths, and afterwards my little sweetie asked, “Mama, can I play the bowls too?” What a beautiful afternoon sharing something I love so much with a person I love so much. 💗🌸✨✨ Check out my story for the times and places of this weekend’s events. 💗🌸✨✨

Two teachers of mine @markkanyoga & @9treasuresyoga
in differing ways shared this sentiment with me back in December. Little did I know just how important it would become for me to live by this motto in 2018.
I’m uniquely flawed. Yes.
I’m uniquely human. Yes.
In this photo I’ve tagged some places, people, businesses who have shown me compassion and unwavering support in the present and in the past. I could not be where I am today without the love, compassion, and people’s willingness to “take a chance on Alissa.” Many of them were able to recognize my light even when I may not have been shining very bright; I am forever grateful for all of you.
And all of YOU for your support and love through the years as well. I’m honored to have a space where I can share my love for Yoga.

Tomorrow is Day 3 of our #springintobalance IG Challenge and we are doing #sugarcanepose 🤗 If you can’t take the full bind yet, feel free to use a strap or reach for your foot/ankle without actually binding. Be where you are in the posture and enjoy the journey!
Check in with my co-hosts @victoria.arvizu and @robinmartinyoga for their posts! I know they’ll be amazing💗

Make sure to tag our sponsor @aloyoga 💗
Have a beautiful evening! 💗


There should be no pain or strain on your neck. If you have a neck injury, Do Not do this pose. Simply take Legs Up the Wall instead. If you can’t do full headstand yet, simply do one of the entry poses I’ve shown with your feet on the ground or one leg lifted.
This is Day 2 of our #springintobalance Yoga Challenge. Check in with my friends and co-hosts @robinmartinyoga and @victoria.arvizu for their awesome instructions too! 🤗✨ My outfit is from our sponsor @aloyoga 💙

I’ll be posting our Day 3 Pose tonight. (Also, we never do headstand @sumitsyogasouthjordan it’s a nice challenging practice for all levels.😘)

Enjoy my Tree with a Tree 🌳🌲🌳 for Day 1 of our #springintobalance yoga challenge.
Please tag @robinmartinyoga @victoria.arvizu @alissayoga @aloyoga
BTW I am not paid by @aloyoga to host these challenges I’ve hosted them for years to share my love of Yoga. 💚 If you want to learn about the Spiritual Heart Of Yoga, I suggest learning from my teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra, it has nothing to do with business or even yoga postures.💚 HARI OM 💚🙏🏼💚

Alissa, the human.
I have two great passions in my life: stories and yoga. I teach junior high English by day. I believe literature and stories are our great connector. Stories can make us feel less alone, teach us empathy, take us places impossible for us to physically travel to through the power of our imaginations. Stories were my anchor from a young age and writing distinctly became my saving grace through two life experiences—
1) when my mom almost died when I was 13 years old. as my mom was in the hospital and I found my dad crying at my grandma’s kitchen table (this was the first time I ever saw my dad cry & it really shook me), I turned to writing. I wrote an 8 page story that night about a troubadour in a made up land. I’m sure it was terrible, but it gave me an outlet in a very scary unstable time.
2) when one of the first loves of my life, Cameron, killed himself when I was 15. i asked my high school English teacher, a brilliant woman called Mrs. Pettigrew, if i could write about Cameron’s death for my personal narrative. She said, “yes, but I’ll have to still edit for grammar, Alissa. and I want you to know I’m not editing you and your experience and your pain. if you’re up for that, write, young lady, write.” that woman was magic and why I’ve never stopped writing about the hard, scary stuff that makes me completely, utterly vulnerable.
Yoga didn’t start as a passion for me. It started as a way to destress from college life. After the birth of my daughter I wanted to lose weight and I turned to yoga: lost all the weight & then some, became empowered, & did my first YTT. It is no exaggeration when I say YOGA SAVED MY LIFE.
I’ve studied Ashtanga Vinyasa in my 200 H, studied extensively with Sri Dharma Mittra in his 500 H & 800 H programs, SUP yoga, and recently completed my Sumits Hot Yoga certification. I have been practicing since I was 19 and am now 32, almost 33. I believe in Yoga. I show up on my mat every single day especially on the hard days. i didn’t start this page for followers or anything. i started this page 5 years ago because i wanted to learn more yoga than what was available to me at that time.

Photo by @dtufino_photo


As taught by Yogi Bhajan
Try this to start for 11 minutes every day for 40 days.
Kundalini meditations like this have helped me tremendously in managing PTSD, depression, and anxiety to the point that they do not hinder my life and derail me anymore. I have changed who I am from the inside out with meditation.
I received many messages from people wanting to learn more to manage their own stress, so I will continue to share things like this on my feed.

Hello yogis! Let’s welcome the coming Spring 🌱🌷with 12 days of poses that foster growth, strength, and an increased sense of balance. Join hosts @robinmartinyoga @alissayoga and @victoria.arvizu and our sponsor @aloyoga as they plant the seeds of health with yoga! At the end of the challenge we will choose someone to win a $100.00 gift card from @aloyoga so they can spring forward with some new gear. 🌷How to join in on the fun:🌷
1. Follow hosts @robinmartinyoga @victoria.arvizu @alissayoga
2. Follow our generous sponsor @aloyoga
3. Use the hashtag #SpringIntoBalance & make sure your account is public so we can see your posts!

Here are the poses just in case you have a busy week, but want to take your photos beforehand:😉 1. Tree
2. Headstand
3. Sugar Cane
4. Crow Pose
5. Standing Splits
6. Warrior Poses
7. Peacock
8. Standing hand to foot pose
9. Tiger Pose
10. Handstand or handstand prep
11. Kapinjalasana
12. Eight Angle Pose

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