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Another day. Another park. 🤸🏼‍♀️#springbreak #cantwaitforsummer

Perfect day for a walk to the beach!

I took Elle to the fabric store today and let her pick out a few patterns for spring/summer tops + dresses. Guess which one is for Easter ☺

Warning: long post that I mainly wrote for myself so don't feel like you have to read it ⚠️When I was pregnant with Elle I was convinced I was having a boy so body image wasn't really on my radar. When a girl popped out that changed immediately. I worked hard (and still do) to make sure I didn't speak negatively about my body or anything else related to looks (at least not within earshot of Elle). But it was easy then because the weight melted off and I thought, "I made this incredible human and I only have a little bit of a tummy pudge left. I'm doing okay!" And then I had Odin. In six months I have lost four pounds. Four! In January I decided to make a lifestyle change. Not a resolution because I fail at those every year. So in January I started eating clean once a week. In February I bumped it to two days and joined LA Fitness with @dragonfli410 (thanks for holding me accountable 👊🏼). Now, in March, I'm up to three days of clean eating and three days of working out each week. Tonight I got on the treadmill and ran until I couldn't run anymore... and then I finished the song... and then I rounded out the 30:00 mark before cooling down. Thanks to @siathisisacting's The Greatest I didn't give up and I haven't been this proud of myself in a really long time. This is going to take a lot of time, but I'm finally at a place where I'm mentally ready for it and it feels so good! That is all 💪🏼

This one has a ruptured eardrum and the other one has an "influenza-like& #34; illness. Lucky for me they are both all smiles and going about their day as though nothing is wrong. Needless to say, we are ready for warm temperatures so we can air out the house! #whereisspring

We've been home for less than 30 seconds...

I had so much fun tonight learning how to letterpress personalized stationary and watercolor envelope liners! There's nothing better than getting your hands dirty and creating no matter how old you are. Follow @printerette to find out when she's offering the class again because it is 👌🏼

This kid was born with a blocked right tear duct. We'd have to clean it up several times a day and massage it. Nothing we did helped. This weekend he got a nasty cold and I haven't had to clean his eye up once 😳 I'm hoping it's for good so he doesn't need surgery!

Enjoying the snow while it lasts!

My work wife is better than your work wife! Another great year dancing and bottle flipping to raise money for scholarships #proudpublicschoolteacher #classacts17

It's not too often that this baby is curled up and asleep on my lap. I hate when she's not feeling well, but I'll enjoy the snuggles while I can.

This kid. She loves her books. She won't nap when I want her to, but falls asleep reading when I tell her she just needs quiet time. She's always got a song on her lips, which she makes up as she goes, and a dance in her step. She loves her brother with a fierceness that I hope she holds onto forever. She makes me laugh even when she makes me mad, usually by crossing her eyes. She amazes me every day with her observations and by the risks she takes. No words could ever begin to describe how I feel about this endless ball of energy. Even on my worst days she makes me feel like I've done something right. While I don't want to speed up time, it makes me eager to see what kind of personality Odin will have because he's already taking after her in so many ways. I'm a lucky mama. I'm putting these thoughts out there because I don't ever want to take these moments for granted. #momlife

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