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I learned two things this weekend: I'm EXTREMELY allergic to mosquito bites and pitching a tent is pretty easy. I had a fantastic time camping with @BlackAdventuristas this weekend at Bass River in New Jersey. 🗣 Black women DO do the outdoors!

I really love eating @traderjoes cookie butter (with chocolate swirl) on @popeyeslouisianakitchen biscuits... but you really have to try it on s'mores. You're welcome.

"Take the back roads instead of the highways."

Outchea with @blackadventuristas!

This house immediately caught my eye. Maybe it was the red... or the details in the railing. Did you know that the "garages" on these types of buildings used to be stables? I really love seeing historical Brooklyn still standing... it's quickly becoming full of ugly high rise buildings. 😒 #alissashoots

Catching some rays at the end of the day... #alissashoots

It's rare to catch me wearing sneakers... today was one of those days... but quick fact about me: I wore sneakers to my high school prom. Yes, they matched my dress (which my grandmother sewed for me.)

I saw this on my way to work one day last week. Every morning, I like to walk up a different street on the way to the office... I like to scope out all of the cute eateries/shops. But wait... what? Let's rewind. I found a job. Really, my job found me. I got lucky like that. "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity," is what they say. I guess it's true. This is what I worked towards for years... it showed up as taking personal styling courses (and as it turns out, those courses in color really came in handy!) and just making it my primary focus. I also do want to share: the 10 months I was unemployed were rough. "But you look so happy in your photos!" I got that a lot. Well, I did have my good moments and I captured them. Nobody wants to hear about money troubles, not being able to travel (I know it's a luxury, but it's also what I DO), or how eventually some people just stop checking on you... Add in grieving the loss of close family members. I'm not saying that being employed is a cure-all, but I do feel like my life is taking on a different direction. I'm plotting to bring @weareglorijoy back in a different way. I'm finally in the industry I want to be in. I've looked up and realized that I cleared out the trash (*cough* bye, wasteman!) and started devoting my time to activities that lift me up. Overall, I feel much better.
I just wanted to share this because I felt like the photo that I captured went so well with what I went through/what I'm going through.
I'm going close out with something someone said to me a few weeks ago when I was taking OOTD photos. I had my tripod set up, and was waiting for a woman to walk by so I could proceed with taking pictures... she stops near me and says, "You taking your own pictures?! You your own team! That's #BlackGirlMagic." I just laughed and said, "yeah." But I am, and it is. Now the saying goes, "there's no "i" in team"... but for real, if you don't do for yourself, who's going to do for you? Don't be afraid to ask for help... but you are powerful all on your own. Stay focused, never stop learning and what is for you will come to you.
cc: @mylifein.yellow

Last night's situation...
(Also, they have frosé... and why has everyone become obsessed with rosé as of late? Y'all weren't talking about it before! Is rosé the new moscato? 🤔)

Impulse purchase... went to @target for groceries... ended up leaving with them and a new pair of shoes!

Out here, stomping around Brooklyn in my new shoes, favorite jeans and vintage kimono shirt from @savers_thrift...

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