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alison sudol  ‘Moon’ vinyl out now

“I tried to discover, in the rumor of forests and waves, words that other men could not hear, and I pricked up my ears to listen to the revelation of their harmony.”
― gustave flaubert

the final moments of escape the blade. watch the full video [link in bio]

“it can be quiet and strong. you don’t need to shout. just hold your own space.” Article in bio.

I took an afternoon to be alone in the city I grew up in... it was intense. I used to spend so much time here by myself. I did have friends here that I loved- very much, in fact- still do-but the choice to isolate tended to feel easier in the moment + those moments happened over + over until it was just the way things were. It’s a city that supports loneliness- you spend so much time in your car, in your home; it’s so easy to remain untouched by other humans, if you aren’t careful. I was so lonely then. I didn’t know how to be any other way. Isolation is a tough habit to break... I am not often alone these days- that old story that it was the only way to survive is busted.
It’s incredible. Still, while over and over, life hands me love, compassion, people who genuinely want to be there with me, through thick and thin, I’m still learning how to accept it... how not to retreat. my body knows how easy it is to descend back into that hole of protective aloneness, to fall back into the safety of keeping the world at bay. If I give myself room, I begin to disappear. It is important to have space to feel, to take time to process emotions that can whiz through you in a blur, calling the shots as long as they remain nameless and uninspected. Time spent with yourself, in reflection and observation, is very important. A walk, a bath, an hour spent journaling or watching dogs run around in the park- self-care is way too often neglected and is necessary in order to remain sane in this noisy, fast world. But I am also seeing how cold it can get, when you think you are standing in the sun trying to get warm but secretly pushing all that is warm+ loving away from you because you’re scared. depression + anxiety tell us each our own stories about why no one else will understand, why we need to go it alone. They are the voices that keep us separate, stuck, empty, lost. We need to take time to hear ourselves, yet I hope this can serve as a reminder to you (as I remind myself) that it’s also ok to reach out when you feel lonesome. It’s the holidays-a perfect time to deepen friendships, expose a bit more truth, allow yourself to be known a little more... I send you love + courage 💕

beautiful new kimono by my dear friend @andikeh #Repost @andikeh
home studio 🌹🔮🦄 ~ this piece was naturally dyed with red roses and lush logwood extract ~ #earthmagic 🦋more @andikehdesign (📷 @speeppola )

such a lovely shoot! thank you @thelaterals 🙏🏻🙏🏻 ・・・
“I love music where you hear a person’s soul in their voice, where you can feel the hands on the instruments, even if the instruments are synths.”

We talk to actress @alisonsudol on her music career and @fantasticbeastsmovie

Photo by @justinchung
Styled by @tiffanichynel
Hair by @claytonhawkins
Makeup by @missgiamakeup
Words by @evo_nita

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I don’t know why this photo is so surreal, I was just trying to capture the pie @estuary_artists artists and I had before seeing #crimesofgrindelwald in 4dx (which was so fun, thanks for the tip @danfogler ) ... 🥧

The Moon EP is now available on vinyl!! You can purchase on my website (link in bio) 🌒

oooo... this is the work, isn’t it #Repost @spiritdaughter

Tonight the Moon lands in Leo, bringing us the power to shed what doesn’t resonate with our true being. She’s being helped by the Sun in Sagittarius, expanding our vision of what is possible. With both Sun and Moon in fires signs, there is potential for great change in the next few days. Leo reminds us that we are the only leader of our lives. We decide who we are, what we have the power to call in, and what we want to give to the world. We each are walking around with old programming taught to us at an early age. These unconscious patterns control most of our lives, without us ever knowing. Beliefs like: we are not good enough, or money is evil, or even life is hard. Until we erase these mantras any efforts we make to sincerely change our lives will be blocked even before they have a chance to take hold.

Feel the power of Leo tonight and tomorrow. Let this energy lead you to your truth, past the old conditioning and hidden affirmations. Take some time and write down your old programs, the ones that are buried deep within your cellular memory. Recall all of your broken records that played on repeat much of your life. Align with Leo and the waning Moon to release these energies from your field. You can even burn the paper you wrote them on and use the element of fire to help your release. Thank them for serving you and wish them well, but let them know they are not welcome back.

Once you feel clear, become like the brave hearted lion and dare to write yourself new programs. Feel the energy of Leo and Sagittarius expanding you into your true potential. Align with the real you, the one who is buried under the layers of conditioning. Invite her to come to the surface and ask her truths. Write those down them put them on repeat until you start to see changes in your life. Repetition is the best way to reprogram yourself. Unblock your potential with this Moon tonight and feel the real you, the one capable of creating any life you dare to imagine.
Image via @mellemimijolie
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thank you @suqqu_official for the treasure trove of goodies I found in my room in Tokyo. I love these colors so much. also your gankin massage is heaven and I wish I could have one every day ❤️❤️🌸❤️🌸❤️ 📷 @missgiamakeup

so many things go out the window when I travel. it’s hard to stay grounded when I’m on a plane every few days. when i am somewhere new, all the foods need to be tried, obviously (I am particularly fond of Japanese breakfasts, of which i plan of eating twice this morning on my last day here) and it’s hard to stick to my Ayurvedic plan (which involves trying to eat before 7pm at night and getting a full night’s sleep every night - jet lag laughs in the face of that one!) however, there are certain things I’ve managed to do every day, and these simple routines have made a big difference in how i’ve handled the stress of the press tour this time around. one very easy one, which I’m sure you’ve heard of, is drinking hot water with lemon every morning (2 cups!) befoooooreeeee coffee. yes I know. how boring that sounds. and two cups? give me a break. i thought there would be no way. but i figured, if i can stick to coffee every morning, i could probably do this too. there are all sorts of health benefits, you can look it up, but also it just makes me pause, reflect, take a moment before i start pawing around for caffeine (which now is much less exciting anyways, as i’ve switched to decaf - caffeine is bad for anxiety) ☕️ 😬 anyways, if you’re feeling a bit gross post-thanksgiving, this may be a gentle way to ease your pain 🍋

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