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I know it looks like I am sad, and while each day has its moments of sadness (because that’s life, now isn’t it) this particular moment was not sad, it was more of the lulled to sleep sitting up kind of feeling. Thank you for leaving this beautiful book by my bedside in NY before you left, @angelakohler ❤️ it’s like a dream #pattismith #woolgathering #literature #poetry

cathedral #nature #california

This is from yesterday but still applies! @spiritdaughter ・・・

The Moon is in the freedom loving sign of Aquarius today and tomorrow. She is also sitting next to Mars, while they both square Uranus 😬 This is an intense time, and the desire to run away from your life may be strong- but know it will pass, as everything does.

Aquarius inspires us to connect with our authenticity, to fight for what we believe in and to rip off anything that constricts our true voice. With the Moon in her sign, this is affecting our emotional body. In addition, we have Mars adding fuel to the fire. Mars reminds us of our passions, he also reminds us of our frustrations. With the Moon and Mars working together in Aquarius, feel into your truth. Express who you are and state what you need. Know that your willingness to show up, standing fully in your power, is what helps bring authentic community together. With this combination of energies also comes the deep urge to run, to forget about our responsibilities and feel free. There is a time and place for everything. If you need a break from your life, take it. But only to come back to yourself and your life- charged and ready to conquer.o

Now for the Square...The Moon and Mars are squaring Uranus in Taurus. Squares cause friction until a breakthrough is reached. Uranus causes earthquakes. He shakes us out of our comfort zones and encourages us to create new ways of thinking. With this Square, Uranus is challenging us to break out of our normal responses to frustration. Can you create new ways of reacting to the things which set you off? When we allow ourselves to be triggered, we are giving our power away. Take it back by turning your frustrations into motivation to create real change within you, and the world around you. Also, recognize where boundaries come into play here. Often when we feel anger it is because our boundaries, or someone else’s, are not being respected. Recognize if this is the case, and come up with creative solutions to protect your energy. We all have the right to create a sacred space within ourselves shielded from the rest of the world. ⠀
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and the winner is.... ME ❤️ #emmys2018

I forgot to instagram tonight but here are some things I meant to post... earlier trying to look tough for some reason with fancy sparklings by @repossi - dress @ninaricci styled by @leithclark makeup @missgiamakeup hair by @cnaselli #emmys2018

#Repost @janegoodallinst with @get_repost
Dr. Goodall has hope that there's still a small window of time to turn things around - and when it comes to climate change, there's a forgotten solution we all need to remember. Learn from Jane and @alecbaldwininsta as they explain how we can make a difference before it's too late. Around the world thanks to groups like the Mebêngôkre people of the Amazon + many indigenous & local people protecting forests, and entities like JGI supporting these groups, their rights and livelihoods - there’s still a chance to keep these places safe or restored. Watch the full vid link in bio.
Learn more about how the Jane Goodall Institute is protecting forests: |
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david’s suggested caption: “fashion! puppy! bath! BAM!” (best travel lounge fancy matching sweatsuit that I’m gonna wear in all the bathtubs across the globe courtesy of @ilanakohn ❤️)

the first time I saw @andikeh she was wearing the most gorgeous silk kimono (which she made) and I thought- oooo I want to talk to her. then I found out she is the illustrator of @the_moondeck and I felt like a starstruck teenager. spending time with her today was an injection of light and inspiration that my spirit needed, such a gift. so grateful for my moonlit morning ✨✨✨🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

fries, champagne, whiskey milkshakes and very cool dresses - @batshevadress and @leithclark did something very cool and special tonight. So glad I was there. #batshevadress #nyfashionweek #dinerchic

still feeling a bit funk but wearing this wonderful alien prairie-punk dress from the very talented @batshevadress definitely helped. thank you, as ever @leithclark ❤️✨🌖

I’m sick but I bribed Gertie to hang out with me with a heating pad so everything is ok 🤒

here’s another one where I’m squinching (squint + scrunch) hard but the sunlight looks good

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