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Alison Jacques Gallery  Current exhibition | Michelle Stuart: The Nature of Time

'Covered in Time and History: The Films of Ana Mendieta' at @gropiusbau, Berlin ends on Sunday 22nd July.

Ana Mendieta’s work moves freely between the disciplines of body art, land art and performance art, without being bound to a particular medium or single movement. The connecting element across her practice is the recurring use of the abstracted shape of the female form, often in dialogue with the natural world, in order to question the supposed separation between the body and nature. Her work transcends numerous boundaries, from those of geographical and political space, to the delineations of history, gender and culture.

Image: 'Untitled: Silueta Series (Figure with Hay Burned)' (1977)

Courtesy The Estate of Ana Mendieta Collection, Galerie Lelong, New York and Alison Jacques Gallery, London. Copyright The Estate of Ana Mendieta Collection, LLC.

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Fernanda Gomes (b. 1960, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is part of the exhibition 'Brazil. Knife in the Flesh' showing at Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea (PAC), Milan, Italy from 3 July - 9 September 2018.

The exhibition ‘Knife in the Flesh’ (Navalha na Carne) is the title of a play by Brazilian writer Plínio Marcos, particularly active during the years of the Brazilian military regime, and gathers together a series of works created in Brazil over the past forty years.

The title implies conflict and by means of installations, photographs, videos and performances, the artists make reference to this conflict – which has no beginning, much less an end, is hard to sum up in words and rarely translates into physical fights or battles. This is a social – and above all symbolic – conflict, then, rather than a military one and tells of broken dreams and disappointed hopes, but also of a people capable of keeping their incredible optimism and trust in the future.

Image: 'Untitled' (2018) © Fernanda Gomes. Photo Nico Covre, Vulcano.
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Works by Michelle Stuart (b. 1933, Los Angeles, California) are currently on display at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art (SBMA) exhibition, 'Summer Nocturne: Works on Paper from the 1970s', from 10 June - 23 September 2018.

Image: '#5 Moray Hill' (1973) Graphite frottage over earth at Moray Hill, NY site, muslin-mounted rag paper, 144 x 62”. © Michelle Stuart, Courtesy Parrish Art Museum

Michelle Stuart is also currently exhibiting in a solo show at the Alison Jacques Gallery, London, "The Nature of Time" until 28 July.

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#AlisonJacquesGallery artist #JuergenTeller is currently subject of solo show 'Juergen Teller: Enjoy Your Life!' at the Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland curated by Nadine Wietlisbach.

2 June - 7 October 2018

Image: 'Leg, snails and peaches No.31, POP magazine, Issue 38, Spring/Summer 2018, London 2018' © 2018 Juergen Teller, All rights Reserved

Available to read online: 'Stones, scrolls and the mysteries of the universe – an interview with Michelle Stuart' by Gabrielle Schwarz in Apollo Magazine.

'For the past half-century, the American artist Michelle Stuart has worked in – and with materials drawn from – the natural landscape. At the centre of her work, Stuart tells Apollo, is the connection between human life and the mysteries of the universe.'

'Stone Alignments/Solstice Cairns' (1979), Michelle Stuart. Photo: Sue Weill. Courtesy Alison Jacques Gallery, London; © Michelle Stuart

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#AlisonJacquesGallery artist #FernandaGomes opens a forthcoming solo show at Museo Jumex, Mexico City curated by Catalina Lozano.

29 July - 30 September 2018.

Fernanda Gomes’ (Rio de Janeiro, 1960) work is developed in close connection to the space in which it is displayed. Her exhibitions frequently involve architectures within architecture, generating spaces at different scales. For this show, she has produced works-or as she calls them, “things”-in dialogue with the specific conditions of Museo Jumex’s Gallery 1, while expanding some of her recent explorations.

The artist bases her work process on the relationship she establishes with the exhibition space, which she studies carefully and alters over a significant period of time. This allows her to respond to the gallery’s particular conditions, but at the same time to conceive it as an extension of her own studio and its rhythms. Thus, while her work is presented to the public as finished, it always bears the potential to reappear in different configurations.

A marked economy of spatial and material resources characterizes Gomes’ practice. In her formal language, the artist consistently uses wood, white paint, thread, plain textiles, as well as some found objects, to redefine simple materials by creating unique associations between them. Light is another element the artist controls carefully, modifying the way her ephemeral architectures interact with other sculptural or pictorial objects. This play between materiality and immateriality, object and association stands in further tension with the architecture of the museum, as well as the urban context that has a particularly forceful presence in this gallery.

Fernanda Gomes. Untitled, 2017. Collection Museu de Arte de São Paulo. Photo: Pat Kilgore. Courtesy Museo Jumex. © Fernanda Gomes
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Forthcoming solo show: Dorothea Tanning: Behind the Door There is Always Another Door, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid (3 October 2018 - 7 January 2019) & Tate Modern, London (27 February - 9 June 2019).

'Behind the Door There is Always Another Door', curated by Alyce Mahon, revolves around themed rooms drifting through the periods which were integral to Tanning’s career — spanning childhood and family scenes, girls dressed in Victorian clothing, baroque and bucolic nudes, red-rock deserts, and representations of flowers, highly pertinent in her mature work.

Image: Dorothea Tanning, 'Maternity V' (1980) © ADAGP Courtesy of The Destina Foundation, New York, and Alison Jacques Gallery, London

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#AlisonJacquesGallery would like to wish everyone a happy London #Pride!

Image: Robert Mapplethorpe 'White Gauze' (1984). Courtesy Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, New York and Alison Jacques Gallery, London. © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, New York. Used by Permission.

#AlisonJacquesGallery artist #ErikaVerzutti's work 'Centipede' (2017) is currently on show at the Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles (MAF). This work was previously shown at Art Basel Parcours in 2017.

ArtReview said of the work: 'A giant bronze centipede, seemingly mid undulating crawl. But look closer: the tergites of the creature’s body aren’t what they would at first appear. Each segment takes the form of a cast banana. Bunched together they give life to this monstrous beast, the curve of the fruit mimicking that of the insect’s exoskeleton. It has no head. With this startling sculpture (at once seductive and repulsive) Verzutti asks us to consider the formal qualities of flora and fauna. To abstract the natural for purpose of better consideration. Down by the river, we remember the Antoni Gaudí maxim that ‘there are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature’.'

Courtesy of Alison Jacques Gallery, London and Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles. © Erika Verzutti.

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Available to purchase on our website is Sheila Hicks: Lignes de Vie / Lifelines published by the Centre Pompidou to accompany the artist's recent solo exhibition. This book has a foreword by Serge Lasvignes and Bernard Blistene and essays by Michel Gauthier, Cecile Godefroy, Monique Levi-Strauss and Mathilde Marchand.

An American who has lived and worked in Paris since 1964, Hicks has traveled through five continents, visiting Mexico, France, Morocco, India, Chile, Sweden, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Africa, to develop relationships with designers, artisans, industrialists, architects, politicians and cultural leaders in the creation of these fabulous and unique works that blur boundaries between craft and art in ways that now seem prescient of today's broader demolition of such hierarchies. All facets of the artist's extraordinary six-decade career are surveyed in this catalog.

© Sheila Hicks #SheilaHicks #CentrePompidou

Closing on 29th July #AlisonJacquesGallery artist #HannahWilke is in 'Generation Loss: 10 Years of the Julia Stoschek Collection' in Düsseldorf.

Curated by #EdAtkins the idea of the exhibition concept is to show the ways in which generations of artists affect one another; the discourses that awkwardly straddle technology-specific periods of artists’ moving image makers; how influence may auger revolt, revision, renewed accord; how artists’ moving image is a uniquely reactive, dependent medium whose intimacy with the vicissitudes of mainstream tech confers a kind of automatic collusion with the culture at large that is pretty much unique to it – to moving image works.

Image courtesy Julia Stoschek Collection. Photo: Simon Vogel, Cologne. © Marsie, Emanuelle, Damon and Andrew Scharlatt, Hannah Wilke Collection & Archive, Los Angeles. Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY/ DACS, London.
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