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Alison Bernier  Mum to Livi & Penny. Photographer of little ones, families and beautiful spaces. Copyright of all images belongs to Alison Bernier.

Little Miss Sunshine ☀️

Happy Birthday to this guy. Our favorite person in the world. As you can clearly see from the video! Wishing you all the happiness you deserve my love @jgbernier. We love you!

Every night I sing “Rock-a-bye baby” to Penny, I still hold her in the cradle position but it’s getting harder and harder to do since she’s pretty much a teenager now. The pace of time is sometimes so hard to deal with. My little baby was only this size 2.5 years ago!

I have to admit to the excitement when I found out 3 out of 10 of @em_henderson ‘s most pinned photos were done by me! Of course these photos are only so special because of the talented ladies @salt_coastal_interiors and @samgluck who designed the spaces. Thank you girls. 💛

I found myself at home alone for an hour today in between sessions... and what did I do with that sacred hour of peace and quiet? I vacuumed! What is wrong with me??? I’ve lost all ability to just sit and relax.

Summer ain’t over until those little toes require shoes for playing outdoors... which in SoCal won’t be for awhile yet.

Cue the cuteness! There were smiles on all four of these faces from the moment I stepped in their front door. Considering I’m spending more time with my clients than my friends this time of year I’m lucky to have such awesome clients who make work feel like hanging out with old friends.

Tuesday’s are my supposed day off, my “Mama and Penny day” as Penny says. So today of course that will entail grocery shopping and a whole bunch of errands. Her favorite kind of one on one time with me because she knows there are snacks involved at every stop.
Flowers by @mulberryandmoss and event styling by @beijosevents ... both of which have nothing to do with my caption!

Occasionally I get asked if I have a studio that I work from... this right here is my studio. Oh how I love this spot. So lucky to be able to call this work.

I’m not sure how I feel about an “End of summer party”. It kind of makes me sad. But then again us peeps in SoCal have beach weather ahead of us for another few months so I guess I can’t be too sad!
This gorgeousness designed by @beijosevents with @geeseandganders is one of @laurenconrad_com #fridayfavorites today. It puts my beach picnics to shame that’s for sure. More in my stories.

Little sun bather soaking up some morning sunshine while big sis flips around and their parents stand by and wonder when they became parents of two and how it happened all so quickly?!

My Livi. She finally got to start first grade today. It seemed most of her friends and cousins started before her and she was getting jealous that her friends were getting a head start. She waltzed off into her classroom hand in hand with her friend with a big smile on her face. I’m currently counting the minutes til I get to pick her up and hear all about it.

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