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Alison Bernier  Mum to Livi & Penny. Photographer of little ones, families and beautiful spaces. Copyright of all images belongs to Alison Bernier.

And then the flip side of my last post... I was trying to get a picture of both my girls and Livi kept picking flowers and then looked at me like this. Sometimes kids do have great ideas! Happy Friday peeps!!

There was a lot of debate on how messy to make these blocks on the table. It’s a tricky thing trying to style kids toys in a way that looks like kids have played with something but in a pretty manner. @samgluck is pretty good at it though... and designing house interiors too it turns out.

This fantastical fairy princess party is being featured on @100layercakelet today... I’ve shared some from this party before but there are so many gorgeous details by @beijosevents that you have to see!

Who do I order a second round of weekend from? Because this past one went by a little too quickly! Also any other photographers struggle to find time to edit their own family photos? I seem to just glance at mine for a couple minutes at a time but never give them the time they deserve.

Penny and Pizza go together like milk and cookies... like butter and toast, like me and wine? Long story short the kid likes pizza. And today is National Pizza Party day and this fun pizza party designed by
@beijosevents is being featured on @100layercakelet today. Check my stories for the happy proof that all kids love cheesy goodness.

It was such a special day for this little love and she handled all the attention like a pro. Happy 1st Birthday Avery!

After living in the sand and dirt for a few days I have a new found love for impeccably clean floors. It’s the little things you know?!
This sand free gorgeousness was designed by @taghomedesign shot by me for @hart_plus_williams. I’m Hoping it will give me inspiration to keep my floors clean!

We did it! Our first proper camping trip in a tent - no glamping about it. Camping with Penny can be challenging but day drinking and delicious s’mores and seeing their faces light up in the morning when they realize we’re all sleeping in the same green cocoon made it oh so worth it.

My Mother’s Day gift to myself this year was a session with my dear friend @lyndseyyo. And since I have some new pictures of myself I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself which I’ve never officially done!
First off I’m a Mum to these two sweet peas and lucky wife to @jgbernier. I’m an Aussie AND an American as of two weeks ago!
I have patience for days with other people’s kids but with my own I tend to have a lot less. (Something I’m working on! ) I’m an aunt to 10 nieces and nephews the 10th was born only a few days ago! I love gardening and would happily spend a whole weekend digging up my yard and planting new plants. I love the color pink - my front door is pink. I love my job and I’m a big believer in Mamas getting in the frame with their kids. So here’s to me doing just that. Thanks for following along. Happy Mother’s Day Girls! Alison xx

This weekend is all about the Mamas right? Well here’s one of my favourites. My little sis with my niece Zoe. Miss you @saunders_emma.

My friends at @artofbeingfemale and @beijosevents hosted this lovely Mother’s Day Garden Party on Bay Island to treat some special Mamas to a night of delicious wine by @_argaux_ and good by @eiloskitchen .
All the pretty details are being featured on @inspiredbythis today!

Mama’s if you came to our event on Sunday and would like your pictures in time to share and boast on Mother’s Day I will need your orders today!

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