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rach☺️✨  im overrated af


the transitions are smooth at the beginning then the rest is ew
ac: tigerziegs i believe

Precious angel 👼 ✨
make sure to watch till the end :) and yes this is looped
dt| @alisha
ib| aeviolet
ac| aeviolet

Caroline Tucker who?!!!
— haha obviously this is a joke😂💕
— a lil edit i made with crappy transitions& a crappy colouring😂
- soooo lately as some of u guys i know, i havent been enjoying doing photo edits ( the complex ones) i would much rather do cute SIMPLE photo edits if u know what i mean. I also LOVEE doing video edits ( pls dont judge if i suck) but yeah... i kinda want to stop doing complex edits. I’ll probably do complex edits very rarely🤷‍♀️ i know some of u maybe wont be too happy about that buttt i kinda want to do more video edits if ya know what i mean. IM NOT SURE YET, THIS IS WHAT I VISIONED IN MY MIND. THIS IDEA MIGHT NOT EVEN HAPPEN ANYWAY.

Dt: @alisha @caroline_tucker #alishamarie #omgpage#dynestyrct1 #trueloverct2#eyecandyrct

- enjoy this simple af blue edit :)) @alisha 💓😇
#alishamarie #omgpage #edit #photo

- happy valentines day!!
whos single here?? Single pringleeee squad😂😇🙌
Dt/ @alisha 💕

- DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY IN YOUR SOUL💖💕✨💖💕✨💖💕✨💖💕✨💖💕✨🙌💖💕✨💖💕🙌💖💕✨🙌💖💕✨🙌💖💕✨🙌
- why is the border so thickkkk
dt/ @alisha

Tag your internet best friend(s) 💕💕 i havent posted an edit in what seems like 2 weeks haha😂
dt: @alisha @niki @miastammer @miastammer
want a dt (dedicated)? Comment 💘!! only the first 3 people :)) #alishamarie#edit#youtuber


— 100th post!!! ( nevermind i archived some posts so its not the 100th post anymore but u know what WHO CARES AM I RIGHT
Dt: @alisha
this is the “s” crappy edit lmao
#omgpage #alishamarie

when u first discovered my acc, what was ur first thought?? @alisha a goddess🙌✨

something is missing
hey beautiful peoplee💕
@alisha Tag QUEEN?
Ur fifth emoji is how u feel about Cats: 😂- i actually hate cats lolol no offence to cat lovers
oc/editingmentors @alisha

everything is blueee💙
- Comment 💕 if u Looked at my story and voted on my most recent poll! - @alisha tag her?💙✨

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