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AlishaMarie  LA 🌴💖 Content Creator 📸 Coffee Addict ☕️ twitter -> @alishamarie

thanks agenda festival for involuntarily being my aesthetic ♡ vlog is up!! also, what videos do you want to see on my main channel?! 💞✨📸😱

sunday funday ♡

ps..did you see my new vlog? also, what’d you do this weekend? 💞✨🌴 📸: @nicolebalsamophoto

the face of a very happy caffeinated girl ♡

ps..what are your friday plans? also, I uploaded a new vlog yesterday..did you see it? 💞✨☕️

i was too busy werkin it.. didn’t notice you can almost see up my skirt haha ♡

ps..would you guys want to see some of my fav places in LA to take pics? also, new vlog is up! 💞✨📸🌴

when your crush walks by and you try to act natural ♡

ps..such exciting things coming up guys! ahh also, what time is it where you are? 💞🌴✨

girl boss gang ♡ how I took about fifty photos and chose the one not showing my face haha question..what is your fav color? 💞✨🌵

why did i wear a sweatshirt when it’s 100 degrees out? haha ♡

ps..proud of you @imjennim your line is amazing!! alsooo, what time did you wake up today?! 💞✨🌴

i guess i should change the calendar to july now haha ♡

ps..our new office is finally done!! did you see the huge reveal on my vlog channel?! link in bio! 💻💞🌵✨ 📸: @nicolebalsamophoto

red white and basic ♡

ps..what are your fourth of july plans?! 🇺🇸✨

i swear my ig makes me look way cooler than i am ♡

ps..who’s the last person you text? tag them!! 📸: @nicolebalsamophoto

when bae says no haha ♡ vlog later who’s excited?! also, what’s your fav emoji? 💞✨🌵

talk nerdy to me ♡

ps..yes they’re real glasses ✨✨ 📸: @nicolebalsamophoto

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