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Alisa Portuondo  Cultural Scientist.Yogini.Co-Founder @soneirocollective Next Retreat 🌿Nov. 21-25 OSTSEE Retreats 2019 🌿May MALLORCA MusicMeditations:1.12/29.12./30.12

Before the Women’s circle today with these beauties that I invited to cocreate and hold space with me. Femininity in all its different aspects. Oneness that allows all the differences. I am very thankful for the connection with these two women and many more in my life with whom I share the same values and speak the same language of respect and gratitude for each other. Love. #womenscircle #fullmoonseminar #moon #womenforwomen #womenempowerement #womensfestival #womenentrepreneurs #femininity

Yesterday’s Workshop was dedicated to the moon- two hours of Yin Yoga, live sound and some of my favorite poems..I can hardly only teach Asana when I feel the power lies in the moment that so many people come together and we can greater a greater meaning together. An experience that goes through the physical but also through the emotional parts of our beings. And the mind. Yoga is not just about making the mind quite but to let it mature and use it for greater understanding. Well, that’s the path we are on and are thankful for those who join.
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Opportunities to find deeper power..humor as medicine ... being prepared to get it all. Be fearless!
Beautiful Friday to all of us.
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Almost there #masterthesis
Thanks for reminding me with this shot from 2015, dearest @johannes_erb_
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It’s all in our hands. Today and everyday. Many things especially when we choose to live a more conscious live we have to actively decide each day again. Like tolerance. It’s not a characteristic that just sticks to our character. Why not deciding in the morning what you want to practice today? Tolerance, Honesty, Openness, Softness, Gratitude...many things and many ways to practice.
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Thankful to announce our Musical Experiences in December in Berlin. We decided to host New Years Meditations again to reflect and prepare for the new journey around the sun.

Dec 1st ChakraMeditation
Dec 29th Intention Setting & Music Meditation
Dec 30th Intention Setting & Music Meditation with Piano Concert .

Find all info on @soneirocollective webpage. You can get a session as a Christmas present for yourself or somebody else. Just tell us it’s a present and we send you the personalized Voucher / Gutschein Ticket
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Yesterday at the @whatisemerging conference in Berlin where I opened the conference day with a sonic meditation together with @templehaze . Talking about change, wanting to create change and being part of a new paradigm is not a decision you take once. I feel one has to do it everyday. In little steps. To make sure it’s an authentic journey where we all have to be honest about ourselves and our imperfections to see what we can do better. Every day. Again and again.

Only personal transformation and inner growth can lead to social change. Have you ever seen a crystal like that? From the outside they seem just grey and simple but the inside is a multiverse of lights, formations and sparkle.It grew over such a long time and under certain conditions. On the conference today we were putting the question in the space about when are people deciding to invest into inner growth and transformation..I started to think about the crystals I met last year in Ibiza #crystalforest

#onspirituality: Do you want the whole thing? Are you ready for it? Many times people come to me when they are starting to get into holistic practices and they feel how their worldview is starting to shake. I tell them- you gotta be prepared. It’s not only an easy ride. It will get intense. But it’s all worth it. “Spirituality” is not there to fill the emptiness of everyday life trivialities with some fancy utilities, such as what instagrams visual narrative wants to convince us of . It’s to learn to distinguish illusion from truth. And this happens many times through a big shake, a reality earth quake. So things can (which can take many years) start to fall into place...are you ready for it?
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Exactly one year ago when I was living in Ibiza for some months. This was the little organic farm of the Finca. Every other day the landlord would bring us a basket full of fresh veggies and fruits. I love to hangout with old locals. Same in Mallorca. The ones that I met I asked about their stories. It is incredible how this island was once so poor and suddenly became a place of luxury. Transformational piece of land - that experienced many changes, in good and bad. However, I miss it.
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3 at 3. Each day we meditate at 3pm in the @cocreationloft for 3 minutes no matter what we are in or who is in the space. Sometimes we take more time and go to the meditation room. It’s about commitment and making it a ritual. Even if it is such a micro experience. #cocreationloft #meditation #practice #dailyom #consciousberlin #meditationberlin

#casaalisa: This autumn time is where most of our ideas and new experiences are being created. While we use summer for our expression, the colder time of the year is for visualizing new projects. New soundscapes and new tunes. Looking forward to sharing it soon. .next and so far last music meditation- dec 1st at Yoga Sky Berlin. Orr-booking through @soneirocollective
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