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Alisa Palson  Coffee. Critical Role. Code. Cats.


YOU ARE MAGICAL πŸ¦„ #boughtahouse #newhome #signingday

7 days, 16 hours, and 40 minutes apart from my cat. The depression I felt being physically unable to walk up my apartment stairs and see her was overwhelming. Looking up from the first floor, helpless and knowing I can't do anything until I get my strength back was heart wrenching. Me cat is my world. I love her with all my heart and I couldn't be happier to have her back again.

My fanny pack brings all the boys to the yard and I'm like "GET OFF MY LAWN HOODLUMS"

Glass shark he love da fat kid. You stay out da water fat kid, glass shark come'a for you. He get you down in that bad deep water, that dark water where fat kid NO go. Glass shark come to dat dark water, he get you fat kid. You swim around, he's bitin' your trunks right off you tubby little bish. You swim all you want, flappa-flap around - Glass shark gon' come! Glass shark behind you fat kid, you gotta swiiiim. Swim faster! Pretend there's a corn dog at the end of the pool, get out dat dark water! That dark water, that glass shark comin' for you fat kid. He make you a snack! He make you a snack, he eat your brother. He don't care, he glaaass shark!

@mybrothermybrotherandme #mbmbam #glassshark #treshornyboys #fisharefriendsnotfood #nofilterneeded

I got an awesome picture of Jen photographing the flowers last night. #nofilter #latergram #flowersinbloom #nightbloomers #plantphotography #pictureofapicture #flashwason #perfecttiming

Last night I got a much needed escape from my family. @knotted_roots let me spend the night with her. The cactus she's had for over 4 years bloomed for the first time last night. We had already noticed the stalks growing, but last night they opened finally. #cactusflowers #nightbloomers #🌡 #awayfromhome #bestfriendtime #flowersinbloom #bloomingflowers #cactusblooms #nofilter

I got a hitchhiker that rode around with me for a couple minutes. #butterflywonderland #buckeyebutterfly


πŸ¦‹ #nofilter

I walked (with a walker, and on heavy pain medications) for the first time in 5 days today!

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