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Oh look! US says they're going to ALLOW Syria to defend itself from CIA/NATO backed terrorists 😀👏👍😑https://www.sott.net/article/354705-No-partition-of-eastern-Syria-US-welcomes-Syria-destroying-ISIS

"The sudden publicity granted to the lawsuit by Trump’s statement on social media, as well as the following discussion by legacy media like CNN and the Washington Post was the latest in a series of compelling events during the litigation. Disobedient Media and others have discussed questions raised by the suit in relation to a number of mysterious deaths including Shawn Lucas, Seth Rich, and Beranton Whisenant Jr.

Despite this sudden publicity for the suit, Trump’s tweet was used by legacy media outlets primarily as a vehicle to discuss the oft-cited but rarely validated allegations that the President had colluded with Russia. This was in spite of what many have described as public disinterest in the topic in favor of what are seen as more pressing issues. Such coverage also refrained from discussing important developments in the case including ominous phone calls the Becks and others involved in the suit had received." http://disobedientmedia.com/2017/06/after-trump-tweet-cnn-breaks-media-silence-on-dnc-fraud-lawsuit/ #trump #donaldtrump #DNC #BernieSanders #CrazyBernie #USA #America #sethrich #Russia

"This conversation was provided to Seymour Hersh. It is betweeen a security adviser and an active US American soldier on duty on a key operational base about the events in Khan Sheikhoun. We have made abbreviations: American soldier (AS) and Security Advisor (SA). WELT AM SONNTAG is aware of the location of the deployment. For security reasons, certain details of military operations have been omitted. Seymour M. Hersh exposed the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam 1968. He uncovered the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and many other stories about war and politics." https://www.welt.de/politik/ausland/article165905618/We-got-a-fuckin-problem

"CHILE– A United Nations report has shed light on the world’s burgeoning crisis of displaced peoples, finding that a record 65.6 million were forced to vacate their homes in 2016 alone. More than half of them were minors.

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which drafted the report, put the figure into perspective, stating that increasing conflict and persecution worldwide have led to “one person being displaced every three seconds – less than the time it takes to read this sentence.” UN High Commissioner Filippo Grandi called the figure “unacceptable” and called for “solidarity and a common purpose in preventing and resolving the crisis.” However, what the UN report failed to mention was the role of U.S. foreign intervention, indirect or direct, in fomenting the conflicts responsible for producing most of the world’s refugees.

According to the report, three of the nations producing the highest number of refugees are Syria (12 million refugees created in 2016), Afghanistan (4.7 million) and Iraq (4.2 million). The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are known to be the direct result of U.S. military invasions in the early 2000s, as well as the U.S.’ ongoing occupation of those nations. Decades after invading both countries, the U.S.’ destabilizing military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan has continued to increase in recent years, with the Trump administration most recently announcing plans to send thousands of soldiers to Afghanistan in the coming months. It is worth noting that each U.S. soldier in Afghanistan costs U.S. taxpayers $2.1 million.

While the U.S. has yet to directly invade Syria, the U.S. role in the conflict is clear and Syria’s destabilization and the overthrow of its current regime have long been planned by the U.S. government. The U.S. and its allies, particularly Israel and Saudi Arabia, have consistently funded “rebel” groups that have not only perpetuated the Syrian conflict for six long years, but have also committed atrocity after atrocity targeting civilians in Syrian cities, towns, and communities – a major factor in convincing Syrians to leave their homes." http://www.mintpressnews.com/un-top-nations-refuge

"The activist, Tima Kurdi, is more widely known as the aunt of a three-year-old boy who drowned on the shores of Turkey in September 2015. The image went viral on social media and was easily manipulated by the mainstream media to further the United States’ agenda in the region, never once laying blame to the U.S. military establishment for spending over $1 billion a year arming Syrian rebels.

According to the press release, Kurdi said the following: “I am proud to stand with Tulsi and support her work to end regime change war in Syria. My people have suffered for more than six years—enough is enough. Tulsi understands that arming the so-called “rebels” in Syria has only led to more bloodshed, more suffering, and created more refugees. A military solution in Syria is not the answer. I hope that President Trump will stop arming terrorists and commit to a political solution in Syria—it is the only way to restore peace.” #Syria #putin #trump #trumprussia #potus #ISIS #alqaeda #berniesanders #assad #feelthebern #impeachtrump #MAGA #45 #russia #america #USA #SaudiArabia #aleppo #America #usa #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #tulsigabbard #stoparmingterrorists#syria #putin #trump #trumprussia #potus #ISIS #alqaeda #berniesanders #assad #feelthebern #impeachtrump #MAGA #45 #russia #america #USA #SaudiArabia #aleppo #America #usa #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #stoparmingterrorists

It's ok guys. They fire the #Whitehelmets who are caught on film participating in beheadings and muilation of Syrian soldier bodies. Keep endorsing them @BernieSanders 👍😒 keep sending them our money!!! Not really. I'm being sarcastic. They're fucking terrorists.

✌️❤️& Happy Friday 🙂

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