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"The recapture of Mosul is an achievement of the Iraqi people while the US is trying to highjack it and claims it was them who "led that war," Iraq's Vice President Nouri al-Maliki has told the RIA Novosti news agency.
"Yes, they supported us with aviation, but the main credit goes to the Iraqi soldiers, people’s militia, Iraqi air force," al-Maliki stated in his interview with the Russian news agency.

He added that he "regrets and denies [Americans] claiming the victory [in Mosul] is their achievement." "In reality, this is the victory of the Iraqi army," al-Maliki said, revealing that the victory came a high cost, with some 20,000 Iraqi soldiers and police officers having been either killed or wounded.

While the US has provided support to the Iraqi army and allied forces, it has contributed to the emergence of IS in the first place, al-Maliki claimed, adding that Washington now seeks to establish military bases on Iraqi territory in order to maintain influence in the region. "IS resembles the Taliban which was created by the US administration to counter the USSR in Afghanistan. The same way, IS was created to counter the Iraqi stance, which did not agree to blockade Syria, was against no-fly zones in Syria and against American military bases," he stated. "The Iraqi society is against foreign military bases on the country's territory," al-Maliki told RIA, adding that he has already warned the Americans against "coming back to Iraq and setting up bases here." #iraq #usa #isis #America #mosul #syria #sunday

Looking like Assad is going to outlast Mccain 👍 #syria #assad #mccain

"Financial Times buries the lede. CIA not only armed Syria's insurgents--it paid their salaries." #julianAssange #syria #stoparmingterrorists #CIA

'A friendly reminder from Lavrov: U.S. bases in Syria are illegal, everyone knows it' >>> "The US mainstream media has been going into Russophobic overdrive ever since it was announced that Donald Trump has ordered the CIA to stop funding Salafist terrorists in Syria, a program that was a flagship policy of Barack Obama.
As the Duran pointed out, the development is a small win for Syria and close to inconsequential for Russia.
This didn't stop Trump's CIA director Mike Pompeo from parroting the Russophobic statements of the US media, in spite of the fact that Pompeo along with Trump and US National Security Director General H.R. McMaster were apparently parties to the penultimate decision.
Pompeo stated that the Russian presence in Syria is an attempt to "stick it" to the US. In reality, the Russian presence is because the Syrian government asked Russia for a partnership in the fight against jihadist terrorism and Russia agreed to provide this assistance.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov responded to Pompeo's statement by reminding the world that the US presence in Syria is illegal according to international law. While Russia was invited by the government of Syria, the United States has no such permission, neither from Damascus nor the United Nations.
Lavrov stated,
"The United States does not advertise its bases very much, and the fact that these bases do not have a legal basis is also obvious to all.
It turns out that, by and large, Mr. Pompeo wants the same thing as us in Syria, only several times more. One more big difference: we do not hide our two bases, they are created and operate on the basis of intergovernmental agreements, and their task is to assist in the fight against terrorists".
The Russian Foreign Minister was referring to recent revelations from Turkish state-owned media regarding the number of and whereabouts of multiple secret illegal US bases in Syria." #syria #ajamubaraka #russia

"The government of the Syrian Arab Republic has written to the United Nations demanding that the international body compensate Syria for its human and material loses which resulted from illegal US and US allied bombings of Syrian infrastructure. The letter comes shortly after Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reminded the world that US intervention in Syria is illegal according to the international law that the UN is supposed to enforce.

The full letter from Syria to the UN : Upon instructions from my Government, and further to previous letters
relating to the aerial bombardments carried out by aircraft of the so-called
international coalition led by the United States of America on villages and areas
populated by civilians and on oil and gas infrastructure and facilities in the Syrian
Arab Republic, I wish to convey to you the following information: • On 22 April 2017, aircraft of this illegitimate “international coalition” bombed
a gas station in the north-central part of Tuwaynan district in Raqqah governorate.
• On 29 and 30 May 2017, aircraft of this illegitimate “international coalition”
bombed gas wells in the Tabiyah district in Dayr al-Zawr (aka Dier ez-Zoir) governorate.
• On 27 May 2017, aircraft of this illegitimate coalition bombed the village of Hasu Albu Awf in the district of Shaddadah in Hasakah governorate, completely destroying many homes and killing civilians, most of them children.
Of the victims, the following have been identified: Ayd Abdullah al-Husyan, Farhan Ayd al-Husayn and Amal al-Khidr, and children such as Muhammad Farhan al-Husayn, born in 2007, Sarah Farhan al-Husayn, born in 2009, Ibrahim Farhan al-Husayn, born in 2010, Zahrah Farhan al-Husayn, born in 2016, and Yusuf Fariq al-Husayn, born in 2016.
The repeated bombardments by this illegitimate “international coalition”
continue to claim the lives of hundreds of innocent Syrian civilians and to cause
significant material losses and the near-total destruction of Syrian facilities, homes and infrastructure, as well as the utter destruction of Syrian oil and gas facilities and sites."

I know that's what I've been asking And don't even say it shouldn't matter because she's not president (🙂❤️👏)...The demon was Secretary of State and still all up in our business 😒#trump #potus #trumptweets #MAGA #stoparmingterrorists #makeamericagreatagain #email#hillaryclinton #wikileaks #russia #cnnisisis #berniesanders #USA #julianassange #putin

We need an extra special investigation for this one 👏😂😂😂 #russia #putin #trump #MAGA #America #usa #fakenews #cnnisisis

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A corrupt lying bitch ass America that kills innocent people all over the world 😒 #America #wikileaks #julianAssange

"One can only imagine how many among Syria’s population of 20 million are no longer able to receive cancer treatment in Syria as a result of McCain’s insistence on punitive sanctions. Before the conflict in Syria began in 2011, citizens were able to get free medical treatment including high-end state-of-the-art cancer treatment (consider that one simple aspect of this war, as men like John McCain still claim to be delivering ‘freedom’ to the Syrian people by backing armed terrorist factions).
Before the terrorist forces occupied the eastern part of the city, Aleppo was home to one of the Middle East’s top cancer treatment centers, Al-Kindi Hospital. This is important because after McCain’s secret trip to the Aleppo area in May 2013, the very same ‘rebels’ he was cavorting with and supplying weapons to – the ‘Free Syrian Army’ (under the command of Jabbat al Nusra aka al Qaeda in Syria) would later order the bombing on this cancer treatment hospital. How many Syrian lives were needlessly cut short as a direct result of that bombing carried out by McCain’s own Free Syrian Army? For the cost of McCain’s treatment at the world-famous Mayo Clinic, who knows how many Syrians could have received desperately needed treatment at Al Kindi or other similarly crippled facilities in Syria? One hundred, or possibly one thousand?
Add to this, how many have died or suffer permanent health afflictions as a direct result of US economic sanctions which have crippled Syria’s own National Health Service? One hundred thousand, or maybe five hundred thousand? One day, those figures will be recorded and we will have the answer." #syria #johnmccain #cancer

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