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So many women come to me wanting the “perfect” body. The “perfect” shape. The “perfect” diet or relationship with food. When I’m sorry to say it but often the problem is the need for perfect, aiming for perfection as negative as this can sound can result in a hell of a lot of unhappiness and pressure. The moment I STOPPED trying to shoot for perfect in all aspects was the moment I began to actually appreciate my results and also be genuinely HAPPY. The “perfect” body won’t make you happy or the “perfect” diet, but acceptance and appreciation of progress and growth will..... WHY? The moment that clients try to be absolutely PERFECT with there diet can induce binge eating, guilt, failure and many negative emotions. The moment a client is trying to get the perfect body anything befor that is often not appreciated and frustration ensures as it’s like watching paint dry..... so how do you be happy during the process of change and LIFE? -
No 1. Begin to enjoy the journey- trust the wait, umbrage the uncertainty, enjoy the beauty of becoming, relax and trust the timing of your life. You will get there but don’t forget to appreciate who you are right now. 2. Move away from perfectionism and into a healthy striver attitude- as perfectionism is not as much the desire of excellence as it is the fear of failure smothered by procrastination and self doubt. Eg a perfectionist will be pre occupied with failure and disapproval a healthy striver will keep normal fear of failure within bounds and use them to create energy and momentum moving forward. They see mistakes as opportunities. -
There is no 1 single perfect thing that will fix your happiness, body or life. It’s more about enjoying life, the small moments than waiting for the huge ones. Because one day you may look back and those little things create the big positives in your life. So live in the moment and appreciate them than getting bogged down in the “I can’t” and “I don’t haves”. -
FK perfectionism just live your life ❤️ focus instead on improvement and growth over perfect. You deserve to enjoy the journey.
Ps dat IPhone portrait mode 🙌

Princess 👸⁉️ nahhhhh bitch, we QUEENS 👑😈. Think like a queen, a queen is not afraid to fail. As failure is another epic stepping stone to greatness and growth. Don’t be a queen waiting on a king, be a queen building your castle, running your empire and slaying all the dragons your damn self.....a queen to me is someone who has mastered herself and is self aware, this doesn’t mean she’s perfect. This doesn’t mean she knows all. This doesn’t mean she isn’t still making mistakes and learning but it means she’s thriving. She’s realised that everything she needs to create the life she wants comes from the powers within. Using these powers to now realise she is no longer on a path and stuck in a story but is the path and can shape any story 👑 TAG A QUEEN you look up too. -
May your resting bitch face be strong and your leggings high waisted 💁who run da worlllllddd.... you don’t need to hear me say it 🙌

Muscle Growth 🔥🍑😈 how do we stimulate it and how do we assure that you continue to build if that’s your goal ⁉️ 2 big key things: 1. Progressive overload- now that doesn’t need to be just adding weight to the bar it can be more reps on the same weight, more total sets, higher frequency, varied training splits, intensity techniques and more 2. EAT in a caloric surplus. Aka eat more cals in then energy out, not just via exercise but NEAT and the thermic effect of food be it a small factor. How to know if your in a surplus? Are you gaining weight? More so muscle mass? Are you getting stronger? Is another key indicator. -
I feel the major problem most women have is getting the calories in, I have been in a surplus for a solid 3/4 years 😂😂😂 aka perma gains. WHY? Because life and fooood, and also my goal hasn’t been fat loss it’s been my health and getting strong and making gains... after competing in over 12 shows in the first few years of competing and being burnt da fuck out mentally, physically and hormonally my most important thing has been my business and health. There is ALWAYS time to compete. Enjoy your food, make gains, embrace being healthy and strong. Remember you only get 1 body to live in, you don’t want to be dieting for a lifetime. As much as getting lean is fun and I’m enjoying the process now so is double stacked beef burgers and all you can eat sushi 🍣😂, don’t get so busy in life constantly trying to get shredded that you miss out on living your life. I don’t regret the past but I’m learning and want to educate my clients and all females on the importance of having goals other than just the physical. You are more than your body image. Your are more than your looks. Be MORE and aspire for more. Is there anything wrong with a fat loss period? NO I’m doing it currently, but I’m also not basing my happiness on it. I’m happy NOW. So why do it? To challenge myself mentally and physically and see what’s underneath the body fat 😈 little snippet from tonight’s 2nd leg day of the week - 115kg deads x 15 reps superset with 15 rep leg extension 10 paused 5 fast 🔥 mind the butt 💦 sweat

TRANSFORMATION PICS 🔥🏆 the SEXY part of coaching. What I mean by this is progress pics when dieting/cutting get people excited. I get it. Someone looks leaner so they must be HAPPY AND HEALTHY... I want to look like that (lean doesn’t = health or happy) 🖐 sign me up 🖐 when in actual fact it’s often easier to get someone lean fast in a drastic fashion than an efficient reverse dieting limiting fat gain and optimising health and metabolism OR fixing someone coming from a damaged place OR getting someone to fix there relationship with food or self but often THESE images don’t attract much attention because someone going from eating 1200 cals a day and an hour of cardio a day, losing there period of hair to eating 1800 cals a day and little to no cardio, getting a menstrual cycle back but in photos looking pretty similar isn’t as appealing..... BUT as a coach this to me is far more impressive. Anyone can get someone lean with drastic measures.
DROP CALORIES, INCREASE OUTPUT = hey presto fat loss 😐 (and probably some muscle) but doing it in a smart way so that the client comes out of it on the other side safely and ethically OR goes into the fat loss place in a good place mentally or physically is so important to us at @team_round. These images are of clients REVERSE dieting, EATING MORE 🥗🥙🍔🍌 food and feeling better mentally and physically. Sure they might not look as impressive but wait for the AFTER, AFTERS..... think of your body like building a house. If the foundation is shaky, your running on low cals and still pushing and getting no where fast relay your foundation. Get yourself healthy again and THEN get into a fat loss phase or you might not even need one just a good reverse diet. To see clients in more depth head to @team_round page ❤️. So let’s post the REAL stories not just the typical social media real of fast transformation but the stories 6 months later or prior. Not only that but the MINDSET shifts 🙌Our Breakthrough program (pink) first lays the foundation (body re comp metabolism phase prior to a fat loss and then lifestyle phase). Your HEALTH and long term progress is so much more important than a quick fix.

YOLO squats tonight’s sets for heavy leg day 2x 10 @100KG/220lb followed by 2x 5 @120KG/265LB .... this is what happens when I get 9 hours of sleep 💤😈😐 and when coach lets you have some weekend calories..... he has officially dropped me on my phat ass tomorrow cal/cardio wise coz we got weeerk to do for @wbffaus.
#teamround #wbff #wbffaus #wbffsyd18

Strength can come in many ways shapes and forms (aka embracing a double chin on yo deadlift). And strength isn’t “manly” IMO where not living in the 1800s.... strength can come from being physically strong, mentally strong, standing up for yourself, embracing fear and letting go, being open and honest, ignoring potential judgment, letting go of bad habits, reaching out to someone, speaking your mind, sticking to a plan, being confident.... strength is so much more than being strong in 1 sense and far away from being “manly” of being a STRONG female in all aspects of the words is manly then bring it. We all have masculine and feminine energies and it’s about embracing both. Much like many males often think if they embrace there feminine that they will look like a “pussy” when instead men being emotive open, honest, kind, caring, loving, showing a softer side makes them IMO more real, easier to talk to and wind up with more confidence and sense of self worth than saying to themselves in there head “it’s not manly to feel” no wonder the male suicide and depression rate is extreme.... not to turn this negative.... but if your a guy struggling mentally reach out and ask for help or talk about it. It doesn’t make you less of a man. And if your a female struggling with making big decisions or changes in your life and embracing your strength then I say get it gurlllllll 🙌 otherwise your just holding yourself back. Embrace both sides of your being so you can find your true self, rather than trying to fit a very old school society norm ❤️
Throwback to our last training intensive- can’t wait for the sold out PERTH workshops this weekend ✅

Morning Cardio with a view ☀️ apparently this is meant to be winter in Perth ⁉️ 8,000 steps around the river forcing @mclaneytrained into a large amount of thigh chafe and to work off his beers. Head down and bum up now, no more big social or work commitments so it’s grind time to the @wbffaus stage 😈 hermit mode activated 😈 #wbff #wbffaus #wbffsyd18

Stop getting so caught up in the small first world, white girl problems and spend more time focusing on what your grateful for 🙌 a moment of gratitude can totally shift your attitude within minutes from ungrateful asshole mode to happy Chappy. Gratitude over attitude all day ❤️ gratitude for the city we live in and the people in my life. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be grateful. The smallest things can make you happy if you let them it all comes down to the perspective you choose to take on life.

Late birthday celebrations 💃 with my two boyfriends 💁 thanks to all of the amazing people who celebrated my belated birthday tonight ❤️👑

Should you do HIIT training or metabolic training ⁉️ (I’m well aware there 2 different things more of a conditioning Tabata circuit shown) at the end of the day it DEPENDS. On your goals ✅✅✅ anything you do in the gym IMO mostly should be goal oriented to make your time efficient. This doesn’t mean hitting PBS daily but if your goal is to have fun training and just get your ass there compared to someone prepping for a powerlifting comp is going to be very different. But for the most part you also want to enjoy your training. I actually enjoy a sporadic bit of HIIT or full body short intense burst training.... not because it “burns more fat” because it doesn’t. Because first what are we comparing it to? Sure if your comparing 15 minutes of an all out intense bout of exercise compared to a slow walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes sure the intense work will win every time calorically. But does this make it better? Again IT DEPENDS. Probably the most common thing I say when people ask me questions. I need all the facts to give you an answer- not only your goals but also current regime, injuries, recovery etc. I tend to throw a bit of this in my programs and clients for often 2 reasons and for sure not year round unless one of there goals is aerobic fitness. 1. Sure it burns more calories when in a deficit at the end of a session than the same time walking on a treadmill 2. General fitness “why not just lift weights faster 😂” sure you can do that hahaha at the risk of often injury for a newbie, so with beginners it’s important to focus weight training on WEIGHT training and form, then a finisher like this fo extra calorie burn or a fitness goal. So if your ever asking a coach “should I do this or that” be sure you know your specific goals and what the purpose is for YOU ⚠️ not just because you saw someone on Instagram do it and there hot 😐🖐.... -
This little snippet 20 seconds battling ropes, 20 rest, 20 seconds burpees x 6 rounds

The absolute best way to put a smile on ya mug. Hug a puppy 🐶 or a fully grown dog that’s legitimately got stunted growth 😂.... “your dog will grow to 10-14kg”... she’s 7kg on a fat day. Your ok buffy. You make up for your stunted growth with your large and in charge personality ya sassy minx 💁 she takes after her Mumma. Takes no shit, knows what she wants, only enjoys HIIT cardio or extremely slow LISS, forever hungry and plays hard to get. Does anyone else match there dogs personality ⁉️😂

She might have pushed me out (applogies for the graphics) but I’ll forever now pick her up. The older I get the more I appreciate my mum, the more I understand her. The more I realise how much I have learnt from her. And the more I realise that she has made me who I am today. A strong, resilient, determined woman. As a teenager I thought she was too hard on me and always pushed me.... always wanted me to try harder.... never give up and I thought at times she didn’t care. Looking back on it now with fresh eyes I realise she wanted more for me in my life than she had the ability to give me. She wanted me to never give up. To keep striving. Sometimes the people who challenge us the most are challenging us to CHANGE. Often at times I do the same thing to my clients, asking the uncomfortable questions, pushing them beyond there self perceived limits and often they have there little breakdowns..... but for the purpose of GROWTH and seeing what your truly capable of. I now appreciate the people who challenged me, who pushed me, who wanted more from me, because resting in your comfort zone is boring. Change can either threaten you or challenge you. It’s your choice which path you choose to takes your beliefs down and your choice for it to lead to success or block you. Embrace change. And listen to the people who often believe in you and see more in your soul than you do at times...... ❤️ the people who want more from you and you to outgrow your perceived abilities. You can change. The people who say “a leopard never changes there spots” is probably leading a pretty boring life 💁

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