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I want to be around people who do things. People who have dreams, passions and get shit done. People who are passionate are the shit. Support those friendships, support there dreams and they will do the same for you. There is no time in your life for friendships surrounded by jealousy, lack of respect or judgement. I want to be around people who dream, support and DO. Quality over quantity when it comes to friendships IMO ❤️❤️❤️ we are truly thankful to be a part of @jporterclothing new winter launch and hope we did the brand proud today and our dear friends. A brand that I truly respect but also adore every single piece of clothing in this line...... i have no doubt it is going to be an absolute success dropping Thursday PM WST. More than a piece of clothing..... a piece of a motivation movement 👊. Your vision never ceases to amaze me and inspire me @portagram and @rpdreamhunter 🙏
Thanks for making me female @emilyrose_perth hair 💁 @thebeautybar_bybritanie make up

Shooting the new @jporterclothing winter line. My favourite line to date 🔥🔥🔥 be the flame. Epic epic line stay tuned on snap chat 👻 aliround

When your trying to video an instructional "tricep" workout and your boyfriend has a better idea 💦😜😂. Don't forget to train those arms ladies. One of my favourite tricep bisets is PAUSED DB incline tricep extensions neutral to pronated grip with overhead cable rope tricep extensions. The first set focusing on tempo, blood flow and really squeezing then the second movement pumping Some blood out 👊👊👊😈🔥. Hard to see my arms but these bad boys burnnnnn don't neglect your arms, you can hit your triceps DIRECTLY such as this or IN DIRECTLY with movements such as bench press, Dumbbells press and push up variations. -
Sneaky cameo from my partner and client @mclaneytrained looking awesome 12 weeks out from his next Bodybuilding show, one amazing lifetime natural bodybuilder❤️ forever proud of you seany ❤️ also one of the best PTs in Perth @revofitness scarborough. Excited to share the journey with you. -
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Fridays are for family. And by family I mean my dogs 🐶🐶🐶 Buffy is staunch AF, got attacked by a pit bull today and stood her ground. She's a tough little jug.... just like her mum

Prep is a mental game. Sometimes you look in the mirror and think you have made zero progress, especially when your your own worst critic like I am to myself. I believe being tough on yourself is often a good thing, you work hard, your grind, you don't give up but at the same time it's important to stop and appreciate the journey and process. It's not till I did a little posing tonight and realised that the last 3 years of hitting my legs hard, which have always been lean but skinny on stage, in particular my pancake glutes and lack of hammies, now I can truly appreciate the progress. Taking time off was the best thing I ever did for my business, relationships, body and health...... don't be scared to take time off there is more to life than competing. Now let's just hope the majority of it is muscle not fat in the next 16 weeks 😂😂😂🍑🍑🍑 be patient, stay humble and don't ever give up. No matter how I come into this show I know I would have progressed and that's all I'm aiming for ❤️ the physical journey and growth that comes with it is what is driving me ❤️ prep means nothing if your not doing it for the right reasons, I see prep as fun, ripping off layers to see your hard work underneath. Have still got loads of work to do.... but I'm just getting started 😈 @ifbbjudgedre -

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I hear people doing 30-40-50 minutes of "HIIT" with rest periods under 60 seconds, and I would honestly say it may not be HIIT IMO. There are different variations of HIIT yes but HIIT is forms of high intensity interval training aimed at taxing your ATP-PC energy system and utilising your anaerobic energy system. The goal of HIIT is to perform and INTENSE bout of exercise for anywhere from 10-20 maybe 25 seconds for an elite athlete, requiring the individual to recovery anywhere IMO only from 60-180 seconds (aka 1-3 minutes even sometimes more rest) rest does not mean your "unfit" the goal of HIIT is to completely exhaust yourself each bout often needing more recovery each round. If my client is needing the same or less rest each interval and going as hard or harder they didn't go hard enough from the start. HIIT should be short and effective as it is CNS taxing and also muscularity taxing hence why it's difficult to perform is efficiently more than 2-3 times a week. There are many different types of interval training but my biggest time is look at the intensity vs recovery. If your still fatigued often have more rest it's not a bad thing it means you can push harder 😈 and each week aim to improve either more rounds, shorter rest, higher intensity.... a single variable at a time to progress and keep your body working HARD.... remember there is a major difference in training intensity from circuits to intervals to HIIT which is good to understand to know the goals, energy systems and required recovery periods for optimal results. Love smashing my girls through a little 10 minute finisher today. Not quit HIIT more of a metcon finisher: 10 calories assault bike to 20
Goblet squats to 10 burpees rounds in 10 minutes. But another great form of short intense cardio that goes for 10 minutes and feels like you worked for an hour 🤣💦💦💦💦☔️ sorry not sorry @jesssharratt dying on her last and slowest round more death on my snap chat @aliround 👻

What I do 90% of my day.... no not selfies 😂😝 task things out, get to work, cross things off and be productive. My mum joked to me the other day "when are you getting a real job" god bless her but she thinks online coaching is me exercising with people on the internet 😂. It's so crazy how advanced coaching can get with access to the internet and web. Without Facebook, IG, email, websites it would be challenging for online coaching to get anywhere....... when I began in this industry 12 years ago when there was no instagram or Snapchat and FB was basically used to chat with friends no one would have thought this was possible. Now I'm busier than ever, coaching clients around the world, connecting with them, changing lives (hopefully 😂) and get to wake up everyday thankful for the opportunity to do so. Yes I'm busy but busy is good, busy drives me to work harder, be more productive and grow, systemise. Rather than seeing business as a bad thing change your perspective...... move yourself away from the tasks that make you un happy and closer to the ones that build happiness in your life, which is why I coach people ❤️. Your the only person who creates stress in your life through your own mindset....... stress is just a feeling..... you can change it in a moment. Trust me I used to be the most "stressed" person on the planet with my daily first world problems. Untill I started practicing gratitude, habit change, goal setting, controlling my emotions and meditation. Social media and the internet allows me to live a life I love ❤️ it can be used for good not all evil, connect with people, support each other and grow and build communities. So let's use the online space for good not evil 👌 ain't nobody got time for that. Now back to my white board, programming and new clients plans 😈😈😈 I used to post half naked selfies now I'm too busy getting shit done

The ultimate glute finisher 🔥🔥🔥watch till the end❓Alot of my clients complain that when they go kickbacks there lower backs fatigue befor there glutes. This can be a few reasons 1. Weight too heavy and pulling from the lumbar spine and erector 2. Bad form, not engaging the glutes efficiently. So if you want to begin on a safer (less load bearing) kickbacks try and kneeling banded kickback. The kneeling position protects your thoracic a little more than standing and is easier to maintain good form. I also love them as the most tension in the band is at the top of the movement when the glutes are under the largest contraction🍑🍑🍑 making the top range of motion the toughest part of the exercise and I feel a lot less hamstring and more glute than using a cable. If you really want to fatigue the glutes try 8-12 heavy slow, paused cable kickbacks straight into 10-20 banded kickbacks with more constant tension trying not to rest at the bottom. Be sure to do a huge SQUEEZE as your in extension 😈🔥🔥🔥 Coachy told me to pull my finger out this week and it's go time😎 I'll be waking funny tomorrow 🚶🚶🚶😂. Thanks for the pep talk @ifbbjudgedre ✌️ .
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One of my hardest working and most dedicated clients @amymatrasz back in the gym today after some time off. No heavy lifting doesn't mean she can't train, all the volume, tempo and tension work on the glutes 🔥🔥🔥🍑🍑🍑I am not even sorry if your walking funny tomorrow 🚶😂Excuses don't get you anywhere. Hard work does. The progress that this lady continues to make is called grind, she doesn't get results from genetics... she gets it from consistently showing up. Improving. And being positive. Keep going. It might not happen right now, but enjoy the journey and focus on how good the results will feel when you get there. It's worth it 😈😈😈

Crazy friends are the best friends 😜😎😏 ups and downs, highs and lows, friendships don't have to be 5 or 10 years old to matter they just have to be real ❤️ sometimes you meet people who just get you and also who are mutually obsessed with dogs 🐶 bring on the next 16 weeks of shredding 🍴 @fionacarley #ifbb #ifbbw #ifbbau #teamround #teamdre

Alot of women want a man who's already successful, already has his shit together and has his own empire............a strong women will be a part of his struggle, his failures, survive it, succeed together, build an empire together and a equal partnership ❤️👑 and have fun building a life you don't need a vacation from. Truth of a good relationship is defined by the struggles you endure together @mclaneytrained 😈. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I don't know how to build an empire 😜😜😜😎who's with me ladies 🤷‍♀️I used to think my goals were impossible till they were done.... now I want goals so big they scare the shit out of me. When I achieve them I can look back and laugh at how crazy I thought I was. DONT LIMIT YOURSELF 💪💪💪

When your dogs on a diet 🐶😎 @bodyscience low carb protein bars to the rescue for chubs (aka buffy the jug) her personal favourite is cookie dough ✌️✌️✌️

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