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I've always been a fan of Sunday's except I swore like 5 sec ago I was in Vegas and it was last weekend lol like time slow down plz. Regardless had a good day today..did some fitness w the @revlabs crew, ate some bomb food..hit Trader Joe's (prob one of my favorite activities) prepped some food and now nestled in for the night about to bust out my journal and set some intentions for the week ahead. Admittedly that habit has taken a backseat the last couple weeks as I've let the craziness of life get the best of me..crazy what a difference it makes when I map out my week vs just letting it pull me in whichever direction. Ready to own the week. Who's w me!? πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

Not every time I set foot in the gym is a "good" lift. Sometimes it's just an escape. I'm easing back after my week off. My goals are different now and for the first time In a long time I don't feel stressed about missing a lift or a lift not being perfect. I'm also kinda digging the night time gym vibes (im usually in the morning gym crowd) but new seasons are all about change and I'm welcoming all of it. Enjoying some post workout sush 🍣 w @lexi_deyoung. Good vibes. Good food and some good wine. What more could I ask for? ❀️

Thinking about how this time last week we were raging in Vegas as I climb into bed by 11pm on a Friday night. πŸ˜‚ my room currently smells like fall candles (typical I knowπŸ’πŸ½) my liddo boy snoring by my side and I'm prob about to dig into more of this Scientology documentary that I've recently become extremely intrigued by..(like has anyone else seen this shit?! It's insane) and then pass out because honestly I'm the worst with watching anything when I'm laying in bed. lol guaranteed to never make it to the end of a movie without falling asleep. πŸ‘΅πŸ½ Double tap if ya love a chill Friday night. Sweet dreams beautifuls. ❀️

Being back in the flow of things after a weekend in Vegas hasn't been easy this week. I've been out of the gym longer than I planned because I'm listening to my body and its telling me to slow down and get some rest. Seems like the work to do list keeps growing along with my stress levels but coming home to this little face is definitely my favorite part of adulting. #lovetanksonfull #frenchiesofinstagram #whereshuxleysig

Throughly enjoyed a weekend of all the foods in Vegas. I've always loved the experience of eating with friends, finding and trying new places and sharing food and drinks with good company..esp when all your friends are into fitness and appreciate having an amazing meal (or 5) after dieting for any extended period of time. Feels like celebrating life and I think that's a unique and special way to connect. Basically If you don't like eating we can't be friends πŸ˜‚ definitely got my fix of indulgence this weekend and am already back to my regular staple healthy foods. Came home and stocked the fridge with veggies and resumed my daily salads the size of my head (and maybe snuck some halo top in there too, because sweet tooth) and I'm a happy girl. I'm still recovering from the weekend of partying since I apparently can't rally back the way I once could, but Es okay. Drinking a ton of water, resting up and should be feeling good as new tomorrow. πŸ’ͺ🏽

Goodbye Vegas, heading home finally after an amazing weekend and I can't wait to get home to my pup and normal routine. .
To be honest I had mixed feelings going into Olympia weekend..in the last several months I feel the way fitness is portrayed on social media at times is less than an example for inspiration and as a result I've felt a bit disconnected from it. As I transition into a new season of life where I don't identify myself as a competitor for the first time in two years. Competing took up so much of my life and removing that piece leaves a lot of space to fill with new goals and the freedom of less restricted lifestyle. However, growth can be quite uncomfortable at times..I feel like If someone asked me "who are you" I don't know if I could answer. Not gonna lie typing that makes me feel vulnerable but I have a feeling it will resonate with some. Whats to come next for me feels uncertain and scary but in the midst of that there is so so much to be grateful for. When nothing is certain, anything is possible right!? Currently my focus is growing as much as possible personally and professionally, challenging myself to try new things and be open to as many opportunities and experiences as possible. As I reflect on this weekend I'm so happy that I decided to go after having no plans to attend Olympia until the week of..a little spontaneity is good for me and makes me feel alive. I'm grateful I was able to spend the weekend with some pretty bad ass humans with big goals and impressive work ethics. Feeding off the good energies like fuel to crush the week. (After some much needed recovery today because 4 days in Vegas is rough when you're typically a grandma and in bed by 10pm πŸ˜‚) #vegas #olympia2017

Kaskade last night at Omnia. ✨
Spontaneous vegas trip has a been a success. Thank you lexi for approaching me in the gym a week ago and convincing me to come πŸ˜‚one more night before flying back to sd..heading out to dinner and adventures. Low key ready to be back home snuggling with my pup, but when in Vegas... πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ #olympia2017

Dressed up and ready for 🍣 and a night out w frens! Feeling like a walking red dress emoji πŸ’ƒπŸ½ #vegas #olympia

Coming out of my ig hiding and heading off to Vegas, well putting on a shirt then off to Vegas! Made a very very last min decision to head out for the Olympia. I'm always a structured person so to decide to make a trip happen the week of is a bit impulsive but I'm rolling w/ it. (Well after having mass anxiety about last min plans and packing lol) After prepping most of the year and working through many weekends this year I'm thinking this is a needed change of pace. Road tripping w @lexi_deyoung and @fitgirlkelly. Who else will I be seeing out there?! πŸ€— not working a booth this year, but if you're out there come say haaay. πŸ™‹πŸ½ #vegas #olympia

Workouts feeling stale? pepper in some plyos.. wanna ramp up your metabolism? plyos… good exercises to do outside? yep..plyos. I’ve had a love hate relationship with Plyo’s over the years but theres no denying they kick my ass and always leave me feeling accomplished at the end of each sesh. Heres some of the moves in my current Plyo focused leg day...
1a. Hex Bar Dead Lifts 3x10
1b. Box Jumps 3x10
2 Bosu Side Shuffle 3x10 l/r
3 Glute Bridge w/ Booty Band above knee (light weight) 3x30
4a. Banded goblet squat 3x16
4b. Medicine Ball throw 3x16

Off to the races πŸ¦„
We may not know anything about betting on ponies, but we'll take the opportunity to throw on dresses and heels to hang w our friends from @fitathletic. Thanks for an awesome first experience at the races. Solid way to start the weekend 😎 oh and thank u to @ninaiskristina for the shot. #delmarraces #fitgetslit

Friday already!? September already?! Two months post show today already?! (And ten minutes post waffles in this pic πŸ˜›) ahh time slow down please. Was going to post about my post show experience/future plans but that caption would end up being entirely too long so I think I'll save that for an upcoming vid (return of YouTube coming soon) Happy unofficial start of pumpkin season. Basic chicks everywhere, rejoice πŸ™ŒπŸ½ πŸŽƒ

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