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Just working on that waist to booty ratio 🍑 .
This pic was taking early last week and I already can tell a big difference. Dropped a little weight and some water and feel like my progress is moving right along. Lots of work to do still but focusing on everything I can control. Made some adjustments to the plan, that will no doubt challenge me mentally and physically, but I have the results in mind. Not the struggle. 🌪💪🏽 #bazzfit

How to make any day a good day
👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Recently, I've been working on a lot of personal development. Growing my mind as well as my muscles, strengthening my focus and discipline and becoming more regimented with my daily routine to get the most out of my days. The way my morning starts often sets the tone for the rest of the day. Here's my daily checklist that sets me up to crush the day something for myself first thing in the morning. Before i check my emails, texts, and social media and let the rest of the world into my space, I take some time for myself while the world is still quiet. Read at least 10 pages of a good book, go get a workout in, write down 3 things im grateful for. I've found that doing any or all of these things puts me in a stronger state of mind before taking on the inflow from the outside world.
2.Set an intention for the day. What will make today a win for me? What can I get excited about?! Personally the more things I can get excited about in a day, the better day I have.
3. Determine the most important things that NEED to get done today, and organize a list based on importance.
4. Focus up and put in the work. At the end of the day take inventory of what I did well and where I fell short and adjust to improve tomorrow!

Currently siting in the parking lot just finished cardio and was checking out pics from the other day. Trying my best to be objective and not compare or pick apart what I still have left do to or where I want my progress to be. Instead just focusing on staying the course and putting 110% into each lift, cardio and meal. As my show gets closer, I find myself trying to compare this prep to last, progress wise..I'm leaning out differently this time, taking things slower and healthier. This prep doesn't compare and I shouldn't even try. I have the upmost trust and respect for @thebigbazzwolf who's gone above and beyond to ensure that each adjustment is calculated down to a science, all while making sure my stress levels are low and happiness levels are high. One of the things I'm most happy about.. Keeping all the booty gains. Going to do my best to keep the 🍑 nice and full all the way up to the show. Little over 3 weeks to dial it all in!
Ps...I'm so obsessed with my suit. @ghiseladesigns knocked it out of the park. Exactly as I envisioned! Can't wait to show you guys 🤗❤

We don't see each other as often now, but when we do it's usually at social events that we convince ourselves will be fun because we secretly love staying home way more 😂 if you're not already following @jannabreslin you better go check her out. She's a beauty inside and out and I'm grateful to call her a friend. Had fun at @fitathletic pool party last weekend. Sippin on vodka waters, hold the vodka because #preplife 😎 .
Shoutout to @westonboucherfit for the pic

Writing some compelling caption about how prep is You VS. You would have been the obvious route. However today prep was about getting a lift w/ @thebigbazzwolf and trying not to laugh while being the stereotypical gym douche taking pics outside with my shirt off. I think the behind the scenes of creating dope IG shots is more entertaining than the final product. and if anyone tries to tell you their shots like this are just candid they’re a liar. lol Felt really good to be back in the gym where i started really taking fitness seriously (and also used to work) Reminds me that even when I doubt myself I’ve come so so far from where I once was. Ive had some ups and downs the past few days with energy levels and cravings, but its nothing I can’t handle. 3.5 more weeks to make some more changes and really bring everything together. Picking up my bikini tomorrow and its starting to feel really real! #bazzfit

My face here pretty much accurately depicts my #currentmood. Holding it together but also semi struggling. 😂😂 Not every day of prep is crushing workouts and feeling awesome. Although 99% of this prep has been. Today has been mentally challenging but I'm pushing through. 👊🏽 this is where it counts #slightedge .
Also, thank u @marcxryan for the photoshop car wash, had I known we were gonna work my car into the shoot I would have given her a bath😏
. Comment your caption for this pic 😂

Prep flies when you’re eating french toast for breakfast lol. Seriously though, I can’t believe I’m approaching the 4 week mark. Although this is when things start to get challenging; macros get a little smaller, cardio gets a little longer…this is also when it starts to feel real. I push through the days when I’m hungry with the fact that i’m hungrier to prove to myself that I’ve transformed my physique this prep, and more importantly my mindset. My previous preps have been very extreme..strict diets with likely unsafe amounts of food and tons of cardio to top it off. I remember the end of my last prep feeling completely unstable and crying during workouts 2-3 weeks out and refusing to stop as my eyes filled w tears because I was just so run down. Why did I put myself through that!? Because I was focused on the end goal: the stage. 15 freaking seconds of me looking my best up there, and then just like that its over. I wanted that so badly I was willing to do whatever to get there. This time around, I’m focused on each day, and it made all the difference. This prep has taught me patience, which admittedly I’ve never really had. Each week my coach has made little micro adjustments to my macros and programming, so micro that I hardly even feel the difference. I questioned this at first thinking it wouldn’t get me ready in time, yet each week I’m hitting my target goals perfectly and looking better than I imagined with this much time to go. and the best part is….i’m the happiest I’ve been on prep ever. Each day has its challenges of course, I’m not saying prep is easy by any means, but all the changes and adjustments leading up to it have prepared me to handle it with strength. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to get up on stage again, but it isn’t the end goal, its just a benchmark. Building habits that lead to a healthier, stronger, better physique is the goal. The stage is just a place to showcase that, not the end goal. So yea, eat some french toast..smash your lifts, do your cardio and enjoy the damn process! My vid on how to make this is up on my YouTube Channel now! Click the link in my bio. #bazzfit #flexibledieting #frenchtoast #youtube #preplife

GUYS!! Very excited to announce I am now on YouTube! I've been contemplating starting a channel for about a year now and finally made it happen! My first video is live now, where I show you how to make my favorite meal of the moment, French toast and other prep friendly meals I'm currently enjoying. .
My intention for this channel is to share with you guys of course fitness stuff but also a lot about mindset and things that inspire me. Going beyond my Instagram captions and bringing them to life! really looking forward to opening up and sharing more with you! .
Please do me a favor and subscribe to my channel and comment below what my next video should be about! .
Click the link in my bio!
Also a huge thank u to everyone who has inspired me along the way and supported me in making this happen!
with love ❤

On Saturday mornings I check in with @thebigbazzwolf and send him my weight. I really only weigh myself once or twice a week as it's only one unit of measurement and I prefer to judge my progress based on the Mirror. The past couple weeks I've been hitting my weekly targets and this prep is going so smoothly. I told him how pumped I was to be hitting my goal weekly and not stressed about progress at all. He said something to me that really landed. He said when you stop focusing on the end result, that's where the magic happens. For a competitor this requires a shift in mindset because the show is the end goal and of course a huge point of focus. But for the first time on prep I'm not really concerned about the show. That's just the fun part. Instead I just focus on my daily habits that lead to my weekly goals and with that mentality this prep is flying by and has been completely stress free. Not one thought of "what if I'm not ready for the show" or "I should be leaner" Stress and anxiety are often caused by living in the past or fearing the future. All I have control over is what I choose to work on today. My goals today: being as present as possible, and executing the plan. 💪🏽 what are yours? #bazzfit

This may marks my 3rd year in San Diego. For those of you who don't know I'm a transplant from a town called Tracy in Northern California (near the Bay Area) I moved to San Diego basically on a whim. I had only been one time on a weekend trip and instantly knew that weekend I wanted to call this beautiful city home. The next time I went to San Diego was about a year later with all of my stuff. I had no job, and only knew two people, one of whom became my room mate. The first year of living in a new city was insanely challenging. I found myself confused how I could be so lonely in such an amazing place. However, I knew that there was something more for me here that I had yet to discover. I found comfort in the gym even though I still didn't know what I was doing. It felt like home and so I spent a lot of time there. After one year (may 2015), I began to take fitness more seriously and made the decision to compete. Swipe right. That's where I started. I had believed I was cursed with huge hips and I couldn't be a bikini chick. I dedicated myself to my prep because I didn't have much else going on and slowly but surely saw change. And I changed my belief in myself. As I progressed more the belief grew stronger. Who was I not to get the results I wanted? After all I had just started a new life in a brand new place, which I didn't give myself enough credit for. But that had to take some belief in myself, more than I knew. This belief that has strengthened so much over the last two years has opened so many doors and has helped me pave the way for a life I love. I can't imagine my life had I not taken the leap to come to San Diego. I don't really have some deep inspirational message here. It's cliche as fuck but trust your gut and don't block out anything that you've previously believed that's a reason why things can't be exactly how you dreamed. There wasn't proof that things would work out. But I wasn't going to accept anything less. When ones belief is so strong, reality goes into agreement with you...not the other way around. Sounds crazy, but I've proven it once and that was just the beginning. The equation is simple. A vision+work+belief=a new reality. ❤

We live in a society that glorifies busy and constant hustle is cool, but you know what else is cool? (and highly overlooked) taking care of yourself when your body needs you to so you can actually be present mentally to hustle when it's time to hustle! So judgement free zone if instead of working all weekend you took a day to nap and binge watch Entourage...oh wait..that was me. 😂 but much as I hate slowing down and doing nothing, it recharges me and makes me hungrier to get back into the grind. Double tap if you agree. Also double tap if you dig this shot by @ernieandfiona ❤❤

As raw and real as it gets.
This morning I woke up to my lowest weight of prep. Down almost 2 lbs from last week, and hitting my goal of 1.7 lbs a weeks. With the amount of progress I've seen this week comes a ton of questions and decisions about the next 7 weeks. Let me start by saying I'm extremely proud of how far I've come so far and stoked that I smashed my goal for the week. However as many of you know I've had my eyes set of Jr Nationals in Chicago June 16. There's no doubt in my mind I could be ready for this show. But being ready for a competition and being ready for a national level competition are two different things. I'm not taking shortcuts, no starvation zero carb bullshit with hours of cardio to get to the end goal. Never again. Competing is a passion of mine and one I don't intend to half ass. The next time I'm on stage there will be no doubt in my mind that I have what it takes to win. So I'm going to be taking the rest of the month to push like hell and asses what show is best for me at the end of the month. I could look at this like I've missed my mark, or I can look at this like I'm a mindful athlete doing what's best for me. I choose the latter. Stubborn about my goals, flexible about my methods. 💪🏽 #bazzfit @thebigbazzwolf

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