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Ali Powers  Intelligent fungi is guiding all life on this planet, unfortunately they have no 'feelings', so I apologise on their behalf for everything we do.


The only thing I've never given up on is that last bit of peanut butter in the jar when there's no other food in the house.

#harrisonmarks #newbook #amazon #outnow Really looking forward to reading this when I get back from the hospital. I've only recently discovered his work through Instagram, I think it was on @vintagerotica or @virginiarose7. If I could photograph women professionally I'd probably achieve the highest zen like state of enlightenment and die happy on a cloud the richest man alive. A boy can dream. #mingtea #austinpowers

I bought this amp when my Granddad died. He worked for Lancaster, built spitfires, and flew in the nose cones of aircraft during WWII Coz he was small enough to make adjustments as they went. He once flew a secret mission to Norway and nearly got shot by a Nazi, thanks to the pilot who spoke German he lived. His life began when his mother was struck by lighting during a summer fete, so was born prematurely, and wasn't expected to survive the night. He lived to 103. The story I grew up hearing was he used to climb inside his aunts grandfather clock, it's now at my parents house. He must've been quite little back then as even as a kid it seemed nearly impossible. Anyway, this was my inheritance. Rest in peace Stan.x

Why do I keep saying goodbye?

Finally found my blue bandana

"Our little life is rounded with a sleep."

Even the Chinese city mirages from a few years ago were mentioned.

The part of The Wormcast story that mentions them @dyson and before my pituitary 'tumour' was discovered.

The Wormcast story was inspired by various strange moments from my life. This 'mechanical waterspout' as I dubbed it in the story was 'a living extension of planet earth' created to help deal with climate change, came from a dream I had while I was living near Nellis Airforce Base in Las Vegas, Nevada. I had an 'alien' visitation as well as other 'Fear and Loathing' type stuff like TV static on the walls, faces and even demons appearing out of the ceiling, photographs of shopping carts in the desert projected on the walls. There's something strange about that place. The most nuclear weapons in the free world were detonated near there. Anyway, so @dyson now has a fan after everyone told me back then it was frankly impossible. Interesting were ideas come from. #hurricane #hurricaneseason

Always nice to see something you've designed in metal. Even when it's for your Dad. Means a lot. If you like books on #theenlightenment why not visit his website quandarybooks.com ?

Recreating David Cronenberg's #thefly with a bus ticket.

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