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Ali Powers  Intelligent fungi is guiding all life on this planet, unfortunately they have no 'feelings', so I apologise on their behalf for everything we do.

When your friend has an app. ☮❤️☮❤️

Attempting impressions of @stanleykubrick

Back when people loved me (being a twat) photos by @fashioncide

Miss you #pipeclub

Doing mountains today, after airbrushing a screwball mouth, and remixing a theme song. Plenty more to do, but I wanna fit in LA Story before @johnhartwell comes over. Also discovered two demos that have potential for the reboot @jaygatron not too bad after no sleep after committing aggravated assault on myself with my own mind. #stressed #notabadday

Rhetoric - Painted 2 years ago. Spooky. The 'I am 2' badge especially.

Photo/Drawing from last year slightly enhanced. #bedtimestoriesforaliens #paradolia

Scribble from when I lived in Queens, NY 2002. And yes, I'm still looking 💔

There is a serious disconnect between the right and the left so far as dealing with the others victory. Neither really expects the other to remain silent, but the right threatens and demeans the left as 'babies', as if they don't believe those that are the most vulnerable and innocent deserve any love or care, while the left demean the right as cruel ill informed fools or wealthy bigoted and wrong. John Hughes movies of the 1980's gave people hope beyond Reagan's America, but those that grew up then, and forever after misread it as a golden age. One to return to. To cut up that ball gown just to fit in! Great art is always made at polarised times, but let no one suggest Richard Nixon was any less than a criminal. A true historical account just can not exist when those that would rise up are lead to slaughter like the draft. Generations are just that, coded human potential. Trust no one. Even yourself, especially if you want to fit in.

When someone who has a nickname says 'I need help drawing something give a Squirrel a hand' Boredom dictated a literal interpretation